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Fridge Rush - Hard Runner Mod

Fridge Rush - Hard Runner Mod APK
Package ID: com.lunappstudio.fridgerush
Latest Version: v1.0.0
Latest update: 2024-07-08 10:56:04
Developer: Lunapp Studio
Requirements: Android
Category: Action
Size: 85.30 MB
Tags: Adventure Level Shooting
Rating :4.4

Fridge Rush - Hard Runner Mod is not your ordinary game. It takes you on an exhilarating adventure, navigating a daring fridge through a junkyard filled with obstacles and quirky characters. This action-packed game will keep you hooked for hours as you control the cool fridge, making it run, jump, and even fight! But the real excitement comes when you unleash the fridge's secret weapon: devouring enemies and shooting them out as frozen projectiles. Be on the lookout for peculiar adversaries like the toaster with electric shocks and the old TV with sprinting legs and zapping antennas. Gather cans, power-up your fridge, and unlock new abilities and features as you conquer engaging levels with unique challenges and surprising environments.

Features of Fridge Rush - Hard Runner Mod:

- Action-Packed gameplay: Fridge Rush offers thrilling and fast-paced gameplay that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Take control of a cool fridge that can run, jump, and even fight. Get ready for an adrenaline-filled adventure through a junkyard filled with obstacles.

- Quirky Enemies: Face off against an array of peculiar adversaries that add excitement and challenge to the game. Watch out for the harmless-looking toaster that can deliver electric shocks, the grandma's TV with legs and antennas for zapping, and the oven that fires scorching hot pizzas. Each enemy requires a different strategy to defeat, adding depth to the gameplay.

- Collectibles and Power-Ups: As you progress through the levels, gather cans to power up your fridge. Unlock new abilities and features that will help you overcome obstacles and defeat enemies. Explore the junkyard and discover a wide range of power-ups that enhance your fridge's abilities.

- Engaging Levels: Fridge Rush offers different levels with unique challenges and environments. Each level is meticulously designed to keep you engaged and entertained. From navigating through hazardous obstacles to exploring hidden secrets, there is always something new to discover in the game.


- Is Fridge Rush available on both iOS and Android? Yes, the game is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

- How much does Fridge Rush cost? It is free to download and play. However, there may be certain in-app purchases available for additional features or to enhance your gameplay experience.

- Can you play the game offline? Yes, the game can be played offline. Enjoy the game anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection.

- Are there any ads in the game? Yes, there might be occasional ads in the game. However, these ads are not intrusive and do not affect the overall gameplay experience.

- Can you compete with friends in the game? Unfortunately, the game does not currently offer a multiplayer or social feature to compete with friends. It is a single-player game focused on providing a challenging and enjoyable experience.


Gear up for a thrilling adventure with Fridge Rush - Hard Runner Mod! This action-packed game will keep you entertained for hours with its exciting gameplay, quirky enemies, and engaging levels. Power up your fridge with collectibles and unlock new abilities to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies. With its addictive gameplay and unique challenges, the game is a must-download for any gaming enthusiast. And the best part? It's free to play!


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