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Vpn By DevSoftmatic-Proxy 2022

Vpn By DevSoftmatic-Proxy 2022 APK
Package ID: com.devsoftmatic.vpnproxy
Latest Version: v1.1
Latest update: 2024-04-03 11:25:36
Developer: DevSoftmatic Apps
Requirements: Android
Category: Tools
Size: 16.00 MB
Rating :4.5

Introducing Vpn By DevSoftmatic, the ultimate solution for fast, secure, and hassle-free internet browsing. With just a single click, you can connect to multiple servers from various regions, ensuring seamless and unlimited access. Enjoy the freedom of browsing without any limitations with our completely free and unlimited server options. Furthermore, our app provides a user-friendly interface, allowing you to effortlessly navigate through its features. Keep track of your usage history and evaluate your internet speed with our integrated speed test. Should you encounter any issues, our dedicated team is always available to assist you. Together, let's explore the limitless possibilities of the internet.

Features of Vpn By DevSoftmatic-Proxy 2022:

- Secure and easy to use: This vpn proxy app ensures your online privacy and security while being user-friendly.

- Multiple free servers: With just a single click, you can connect to various servers from different regions according to your preference.

- Unlimited bandwidth servers: Enjoy seamless browsing without any restrictions or limitations on data usage.

- Fast servers: Experience high-speed connections to enhance your online activities.

- Usage history: Keep track of your vpn usage to monitor and manage your internet activities effectively.

- Internet speed test: Check the speed of your connection to ensure optimal performance.


Vpn By DevSoftmatic offers a comprehensive and user-friendly vpn proxy app that provides secure and fast browsing experiences. With multiple free servers and unlimited bandwidth, this app ensures unrestricted access to the internet. Its easy-to-use interface, usage history, and internet speed test feature make it a reliable choice for users looking for a secure vpn solution. Download now to enhance your online privacy and browsing experience.


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