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X Dogs: Get 999 Draws

X Dogs: Get 999 Draws APK
Package ID: com.wzlr.sea
Latest Version: v1.42722.44841
Latest update: 2024-04-11 13:59:57
Requirements: Android
Category: Card
Size: 131.41 MB
Tags: Action Adventure War
Rating :4.2

Introducing X Dogs: Get 999 Draws, the ultimate game where you can build your army of super dogs and save your loved one from evil! In this thrilling idle card game, you find yourself in a vulnerable position when your loved one is suddenly kidnapped by a ruthless gang. Feeling powerless, you cry out for help, and to your surprise, the Dog God appears before you. He bestows upon you his power and grants you a team of heroic dogs to defeat the evil bosses. With over 50 dog heroes available, endless free draws, and exciting gameplay modes like Tower Challenge, PvP, and adventures, X-Dogs guarantees non-stop fun and excitement. And the best part? No excessive grinding or spending money required! Join the battle now by pre-registering and get 999 free draws! Visit the official Facebook page for more updates and information.

Features of X Dogs: Get 999 Draws:

> Endless free Draw x> Users can enjoy the thrill of a lucky draw without any restrictions. They have the opportunity to become the luckiest of lucky ones and win amazing prizes.

> Exciting hero battles: With over 50 dog heroes available, users can engage in thrilling battles that will keep them hooked. They can assemble their ultimate army and defeat evil bosses in epic showdowns.

> Free chest openings: Users can open chests without spending any money. They can keep opening chests and collect valuable rewards, keeping the excitement going without any limitations.

> Idle card game: X Dogs offers a unique and refreshing idle card game experience. Users can progress in the game even while idle, without the need for excessive grinding or spending money. It ensures that users can enjoy the game at their own pace.

> Original social gameplay: The app provides a social gameplay experience that adds an extra layer of fun. Users can invite friends to join and work for them, enhancing their gameplay and fostering a sense of camaraderie.

> Variety of game modes: X Dogs offers a wide range of dungeon modes, including Tower Challenge, PvP battles, Boss fights, and adventures. Users can indulge in different gameplay modes to keep themselves entertained and challenged.


X Dogs: Get 999 Draws is an action-packed and exciting gaming app that allows users to build their army of super dogs. With its endless free draws, thrilling hero battles, and unique idle card game experience, it promises hours of fun and excitement. Additionally, the app's original social gameplay and variety of game modes ensure that users will always have something new and exciting to explore. Don't miss out on this epic adventure, pre-register now and unleash the power of the Dog God! Click the link to download:


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  • avatar
    10/10 game graphics 8/10 doggo's100/10=118
    2024-04-16 18:43:16
  • avatar
    this game is fun this game is weird and this game gives you lots of rewards
    2024-04-15 07:59:53
  • avatar
    Kinda reminds me of fish idle kingdoms. Straw hat skill tier 5 is the same as lu bu from fish idle kingdom. Are you copycat?
    2024-04-14 11:26:40
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    cool game no ads bro
    2024-04-14 02:10:44
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    it's great to play this game it's so much fun guys why don't you try it..?
    2024-04-13 23:43:01
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    It's nice and alot of freebie for us newbie
    2024-04-13 23:37:17