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Arcane: Dungeon Legends

Arcane: Dungeon Legends APK
Package ID: dungeon.legends.heroes.turn.based.strategy.rpg
Latest Version: v1.7.0
Latest update: 2024-04-07 15:15:03
Requirements: Android
Category: Strategy
Size: 125.43 MB
Rating :4.1

Step into a world of epic battles and fantasy wars with Arcane: Dungeon Legends. This captivating app takes players on a thrilling journey through mystical dungeons, where they must form their own army and overcome countless obstacles. With a powerful arsenal at your disposal, you'll experience the exhilaration of past wars as you strategize your way to victory. Engage in intense battles with wizards and dragons, explore new lands, and upgrade your weapons and powers through mini-challenges. But beware, the black dragon poses a sinister threat that could cost you your kingdom. With diverse characters, engaging content, and stunning visuals and sound effects, Arcane: Dungeon Legends delivers an immersive and exciting gameplay experience that will leave you craving more.

Features of Arcane: Dungeon Legends:

⭐️ Action-packed battles: Experience thrilling battles between knights and mages in the mythical story of beautiful dungeons.

⭐️ Strategic gameplay: Form your own army and overcome numerous difficult and deadly obstacles using a powerful arsenal.

⭐️ Diverse missions: Engage in war with wizards and dragons, face countless challenges, and conquer new lands.

⭐️ Upgrade your weapon and power: Participate in mini-challenges to enhance your abilities and unlock rare hero cards.

⭐️ Assess leadership ability: Plan and coordinate your actions to win each battle, considering the positive and negative characteristics of each character.

⭐️ Immersive gameplay experience: Meet fascinating characters, explore an epic world, and enjoy stunning visuals and realistic sound effects.


Arcane: Dungeon Legends is an exciting strategy game that offers action-packed battles, diverse missions, and immersive gameplay. With its strategic gameplay and upgrade system, players can form their own army and overcome challenging obstacles. The game features a wide range of characters, both allies and enemies, and provides a visually stunning and engaging gaming experience. Download the app now and embark on a thrilling adventure in the mythical world of Arcane: Dungeon Legends!


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    It's bugged. At first I wasn't sure but yeah sometimes you pick up something from buildings and it doesn't register. And I considered paying, makes me sad because I realy like this game. Please fix it. Untill you do one star. Also paying is bugged. I tried and I couldn't. Fix fix fix asap
    2024-04-10 21:37:58
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    If you played HoM&M in your youth, here it is for free. Thanks devs!
    2024-04-10 16:35:46
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    fun game so far. hope it doesn't turn into a clan game at higher levels as I'm sick of joining clans then 6 weeks later nobody else is still playing. I like single player games best. love the fantasy part of this game.
    2024-04-10 15:47:13
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    Not as advertised. Installs as "arcane: dungeon legends" instead of "Magic War - kingdom legends". Game is a near complete copy of another game "heroes magic war" that is a click bait/ad copy of Heroes of might and magic. Don't fall for either of them.
    2024-04-10 15:12:09
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    Worst....Dreemer gives a 100% stun rate & never misses anytime..Don't waste your time on this game... Stun should only affect troops not the players' ability to cast spell if he(she) still has mana points to be able to cast spells...You should at least add DISPEL or ANTI-MAGIC SHIELD at least to be able to counteract stun to be fair. Btw till now( 5/10/2023) no action..Oh yes it is Dreemer has a 100% stun rate & also Stuns the players ability to cast spell is only 1 or 2 units are left..
    2024-04-10 07:38:24
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    Game has potential but lacks a story and you hit a paywall on day 2 or 3 where you'll then have to grind for hours and days to inch forward. The game is never updated either so there is little point to it.
    2024-04-09 21:35:32