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Clean It: Cleaning Games Mod

Clean It: Cleaning Games Mod APK
Package ID: com.lilyxgame.cleanit
Latest Version: v1.7.0
Latest update: 2024-07-11 09:22:03
Developer: zhangkongkeji
Requirements: Android
Category: Puzzle
Size: 116.20 MB
Tags: Casual Action Entertainment
Rating :4.0

Clean It: Cleaning Games Mod offers a unique restaurant cleanup management experience where cleanliness is crucial. Dive into building and expanding your eatery while tidying cluttered rooms, doing carpet cleaning, and clearing trash. Hire servers, collect garbage, and power wash floors to maintain spotless surroundings. Grow profits to unlock new rooms, upgrade characters and servers for efficiency, and expand your business empire. With charming graphics and endless expansion possibilities, Clean It promises hours of entertainment for fans of working and cleaning games. Ready to build the restaurant of your dreams? Download Clean It now and start your cleaning games frenzy!

Features of Clean It: Cleaning Games Mod:

* Unique Cleaning Experience: Clean It: Cleaning Games Mod offers a one-of-a-kind cleaning experience that combines the excitement of running and expanding a restaurant with the satisfaction of keeping things clean and tidy. It's a game that appeals to those who enjoy both management and cleaning games.

* Endless Possibilities for Expansion: As you progress in the game, you have the opportunity to expand your restaurant by unlocking new rooms. This keeps the gameplay fresh and offers a sense of accomplishment as you watch your business empire grow.

* Charming Graphics: The game features charming graphics that create a visually appealing and immersive environment. From the cluttered rooms to the beautifully designed restaurant, every detail is carefully crafted to enhance the gaming experience.

* Addictive Gameplay: Clean It: Cleaning Games Mod offers addictive gameplay that will keep players engaged for hours. The combination of cleaning tasks, restaurant management, and upgrading capabilities creates a compelling and immersive gaming experience.


* How do I unlock new rooms in the game?

To unlock new rooms, you need to earn enough cash and reach certain milestones. As you progress in the game and attract more customers, you will have the opportunity to expand your restaurant and unlock new areas to clean and manage.

* Can I upgrade my staff in the game?

Yes, you can upgrade your staff to increase their cleaning capacity. This will help you keep your restaurant clean and ensure that your customers have a pleasant dining experience.

* Is carpet cleaning an important aspect of the game?

Yes, carpet cleaning is crucial in keeping your business going. It's important to power wash the floors, clean the beach, and maintain a tidy environment to attract customers and maximize your profits.

* Is this game suitable for all players?

This game is suitable for players who enjoy working games and cleaning games. It offers a unique combination of restaurant management and cleaning tasks, making it an exciting and engaging experience for a wide range of players.


With its unique cleaning experience, endless expansion possibilities, charming graphics, and addictive gameplay, Clean It: Cleaning Games Mod is a must-play for fans of both management and cleaning games. Whether you're a casual gamer looking for some fun or a dedicated player seeking a challenge, this game offers hours of entertainment and satisfaction. So roll up your sleeves, download Clean It now, and start building the restaurant of your dreams while keeping everything spick and span!


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  • avatar
    this game is amazing and if your looking to install I reckon you should its amazing with stress and how I know well I was stressed once I played the game for around 5 minutes and I was stress free
    2024-07-17 05:29:34
  • avatar
    Gameplay is good, but the forced ads get worse and worse as the game progresses. It's hard to enjoy.
    2024-07-16 14:52:53
  • avatar
    Very addicting which makes it harder for me to not be bored cuz I have maxed out.. it'd be phenomenal if you can restart your way or something??
    2024-07-14 22:17:58
  • avatar
    What's the point of paying for no ads but still got to watch ads to get the items? That's a full rip off
    2024-07-14 15:46:32
  • avatar
    The next level doesnt want to open. I still have a few more that needs to be played but I cant because the game is stuck. When do you guys plan to fix that bug? Ive been waiting!
    2024-07-13 22:29:16
  • avatar
    Got to level up for Cafe and it won't let me open chicken restaurant
    2024-07-13 18:32:42