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Mine Quest: Battle Dungeon RPG Mod

Mine Quest: Battle Dungeon RPG Mod APK
Package ID:
Latest Version: v1.2.43
Latest update: 2024-07-10 11:26:04
Developer: Tapps Games
Requirements: Android
Category: Action
Size: 137.80 MB
Tags: Adventure RPG War
Rating :4.4

Embark on an epic adventure in Mine Quest: Battle Dungeon RPG Mod, a thrilling RPG game set in a land of fantasy. As Orli, a dwarf miner, and his companion fairy Lumi, you must uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of all the other dwarves. Explore five ancient continents, mining blocks and collecting resources along the way to craft legendary weapons, armour, and equipment. But be prepared to face daunting enemies and underground monsters on your quest. With addictive gameplay suitable for all ages, Mine Quest will keep you entertained for hours. Are you ready to solve the mystery and save the dwarf civilization? Download now and begin your fantastic journey!

Features of Mine Quest: Battle Dungeon RPG Mod:

Captivating Gameplay: it offers an incredible and addictive gameplay experience for all ages. With its engaging quests, players will be entertained for hours as they dig into this adventurous world.

Crafting Fun: Crafting items has never been so enjoyable. Players can mine different ores and gems, and then forge them into powerful equipment and weapons. The thrill of discovering new blueprints and creating legendary items will keep players hooked.

Hidden Treasures: Explore the underground of five ancient continents and uncover long-lost treasures and rare artefacts. This adds an element of mystery and excitement to the game, as players search for clues about the fate of the dwarves.

Challenging Enemies: Prepare for intense battles with various monsters and enemies in the underground world. Players will need to use their weapons and armour wisely to defeat these dreadful foes and progress in their quest.

Explosive Action: Players have access to bombs that can be used to blow things up. This adds another layer of strategy and excitement to the gameplay, allowing players to clear obstacles and find hidden treasures.


Is it suitable for all ages?

Yes, it offers an addictive gameplay experience that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. Its captivating quests and crafting mechanics make it a hit among both younger and older players.

Are there in-app purchases in it?

Yes, it is free to play but offers optional in-app purchases. Players can choose to buy items or features that enhance their gameplay experience. However, it is not necessary to make purchases to progress in the game.

Can I play it offline?

Yes, it can be played offline. This makes it convenient for players to continue their adventures even without an internet connection.

How many continents are there to explore in it?

There are five ancient continents for players to explore in it. Each continent holds its own set of challenges, treasures, and secrets waiting to be discovered.


Embark on an epic quest in Mine Quest: Battle Dungeon RPG Mod and unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of the dwarf civilization. With its addictive gameplay, enjoyable crafting mechanics, hidden treasures, challenging enemies, and explosive action, it offers an immersive gaming experience for players of all ages. Download the game now and join Orli the dwarf miner and his companion fairy Lumi on this fantastical adventure! Please note that while the game is free to play, there are optional in-app purchases available for players who want to enhance their gameplay.


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  • avatar
    Good fun.
    2024-07-14 01:51:17
  • avatar
    Its fun and I had tears of joy from it <3 Game
    2024-07-14 00:31:23
  • avatar
    Great game
    2024-07-13 19:15:19
  • avatar
    Fun game, but I hated the Energy system. It sucks, really! You play for a few minutes, and then have to wait hours to play another few minutes. Thats not the way games are supposed to be played. Games should be played freely, anytime you want.
    2024-07-13 07:46:54
  • avatar
    It is epick but i have to say monsters are hard to kill please lowwer health then i give 5 stars
    2024-07-13 02:07:14
  • avatar
    The game itself is adorable and fun, I am fine waiting for energy, I'm fine watching ads grinding doesn't bother me! But what bothers me is the ads I had six ads after one would stop. Which is annoying. So many people hate the ads of your games because they are constant and usually stuck in a loop it even downloaded weird videos of some guy nodding and screenshots of the ads, I wasn't too happy of that.
    2024-07-11 15:11:16