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Latest Version: v1.1.10
Latest update: 2024-07-10 10:49:03
Developer: Mobirix
Requirements: Android
Category: Action
Size: 40.40 MB
Tags: Adventure Level Shooting
Rating :4.4

Join Bubblun on an exciting adventure in Bubble Bobble Classic Mod. Use bubbles to capture enemies and defeat them to progress through the levels. With easy controls, you can navigate left and right on the screen and use the fire and jump buttons to play. Take advantage of power-up items like yellow candy to increase bubble blowing speed, and pink candy to increase the range. Special bubbles like water, fire, and lightning bubbles offer unique ways to defeat enemies. Collect items like holy water to remove all enemies or a parasol to jump multiple stages. Challenge yourself to clear the stages in time and earn extra points and achievements. Don't miss out on this nostalgic game that will keep you entertained for hours!

Features of Bubble Bobble Classic Mod:

Classic Arcade Gameplay: it brings back the nostalgic arcade experience with its iconic main character, Bubblun. Players must use bubbles to capture enemies and defeat them.

Automatic Shot Function: Conveniently fire bubbles with the automatic shot function, making gameplay smoother and more enjoyable.

Extra Life and Additional Scores: Collect alphabet bubbles (E, X, T, E, N, D) to earn an extra life. Defeating enemies also rewards players with additional scores by collecting items like hamburgers, hot-dogs, sushi, bananas, and ice cream.

Time Pressure: A challenge awaits players who can't clear a stage within a certain amount of time. Skull monsters will appear and start chasing them, adding an extra layer of excitement.

Tips for Users:

Plan Your Moves: Before shooting bubbles, take a moment to strategize and plan the best way to trap enemies efficiently.

Utilize Power-up Items: Collect yellow candy to increase bubble-blowing speed, pink candy to increase bubble range, blue candy to increase bubble speed, and red shoes to enhance Bubblun's movement speed.

Master Special Bubbles: Learn how to use water bubbles to flow down and defeat enemies, fire bubbles to create multiple fires, and lightning bubbles to blow horizontally and take down enemies.

Take Advantage of Items: Holy water removes all enemies on the screen, parasols allow you to jump numerous stages, magical staff turns bubbles into food, sky blue rings provide extra points, and chack'n heart transforms Bubblun into an invincible enemy slayer.


Bubble Bobble Classic Mod offers a delightful blast from the past, recreating the beloved arcade experience with modern features. Players can enjoy the convenience of the automatic shot function and strive to earn extra lives and scores by collecting special items. Time pressure adds an exciting twist, keeping players on their toes. With power-up items and special bubbles at their disposal, players can strategize their way through each level. Don't miss out on this opportunity to relive the nostalgia and experience the addictive gameplay. Download now and start capturing those enemies with bubbles!


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  • avatar
    Awesome memories, very well done. The controls aren't the best and the gameplay probably starts a tad too quick, after a few levels it's too quick and unplayable
    2024-07-14 21:04:18
  • avatar
    Boy, does this bring back memories! Just like the original arcade game, one of my all-time favorites! Now instead of spending hours ditching class to play this game in the arcade at the student union, I spend hours ditching work to play it! And even with power mode, I'm no better playing it now than I was back then. At least now it doesn't cost me a fortune in quarters!
    2024-07-14 20:11:44
  • avatar
    It's better with a remote otherwise the response time is inadequate. The game is as is and it brings back childhood memories. But the real problem is the playability of this game on a mobile phone . The jump button and bubble button are static .
    2024-07-14 18:31:51
  • avatar
    It will be incredible ONCE they have controller support. The slide bar and touch buttons are not great so until they cone through with controller support i will pass. It is a game that has stood the test of time.
    2024-07-14 13:23:50
  • avatar
    Cost of replaying goes up every time? Only 30 jewel things per ad watch and you need 150 to play again? Very unfortunate that this is a model we accept for gaming these days. My mom used to love this game. She was excited to see it coming out and to play it again. now you're gonna ruin that experience for her. Good job. Hope you like crushing souls... Who am I kidding, you probably love it. I should have never told her about this. You've made me feel terrible..
    2024-07-14 13:08:53
  • avatar
    So good so far,my only complains are being locked into one landscape direction,and having no option for a Dpad instead of this weird slide to move thing that makes moving less responsive at times since you have to swipe.
    2024-07-14 11:57:50