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Latest Version: v0.0.412
Latest update: 2024-07-10 09:54:03
Developer: SHD Games
Requirements: Android
Category: Action
Size: 93.91 MB
Tags: Adventure Level Shooting
Rating :4.5

SIERRA 7 throws you into the intense world of warfare, where you become a tactical operator facing a relentless and dangerous enemy. This is not a game for the faint-hearted, as you'll be thrown into the line of fire against Militia leaders and fanatics who would gladly sacrifice their lives for their cause. As a Tactical On-Rail First-Person Shooter, it combines stunning minimalistic visuals with fast and adrenaline-pumping gameplay. With a wide range of realistic and deadly firearms at your disposal, prepare for heart-pounding firefights in unique locations around the world. Can you prove yourself as the right person for the job? It's time to find out in SIERRA 7.

Features of SIERRA 7:

- Intense and Realistic Gameplay: it immerses players in the boots of a tactical operator amid a war. The game offers a challenging and thrilling experience, putting players in the line of fire against a tough and determined enemy. This is not a mission for the weak-hearted, making it an attractive choice for those seeking high-stakes action.

- Stylish Minimal Aesthetic: The game's super-stylish minimal aesthetic enhances the gameplay experience by allowing players to focus on the intense firefights. The sleek and visually pleasing design adds to the overall immersion and makes gameplay both visually appealing and engaging.

- Varied and Randomized Firefights: it offers varied and randomized firefights, ensuring that no two encounters are the same. This helps keep the gameplay fresh and exciting, as players must adapt to different enemy types and strategies. The unpredictability of the enemy forces adds to the challenge and replay value of the game.

- Realistic and Lethal Firearms: Players have the opportunity to unlock a variety of realistic and lethal firearms as they progress through the game. This not only adds to the immersion but also allows players to customize their loadout and choose the weapons that suit their playstyle best. The inclusion of realistic firearms adds a level of authenticity to the gameplay.

Tips for Users:

- Take Cover Strategically: Utilizing cover effectively is crucial in SIERRA - Plan your movements carefully and take cover behind objects or walls to protect yourself from enemy fire. Use the environment to your advantage and always prioritize your safety.

- Aim for Headshots: Headshots provide a quick and efficient way to take down enemies. Aim for their heads to ensure swift kills and conserve ammunition. Precision and accuracy are key in SIERRA - so practice your aim and focus on headshots whenever possible.

- Adapt to Enemy Types: The game features randomized enemy types, each with strengths and weaknesses. Pay attention to the behaviour and tactics of different enemy types and adapt your strategies accordingly. This will give you an advantage and increase your chances of success.


SIERRA 7 offers an intense and realistic tactical shooting experience that will keep players on the edge of their seats. With its stylish minimal aesthetic, varied firefights, and realistic firearms, the game delivers a captivating and immersive gameplay experience. By strategically utilizing cover, aiming for headshots, and adapting to different enemy types, players can enhance their chances of success. So, are you ready to step into the boots of a tactical operator and prove yourself as the right person for the job? Download now and embark on an adrenaline-pumping adventure.


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    Sometimes the controls to fire and switch weapons stop working. We can aim but cannot shoot. Otherwise the game is fantastic.....This is the only issue in this game. Nice job developers
    2024-07-15 00:49:46
  • avatar
    This game is honestly a lot more fun then I expected it to be. It's quick, fair, a d really scratches that offline action itch. They do a lot right, and I think most things are pretty fair, but what isn't is locking most items, especially primary weapons, behind premium purchases. Like M4, AKs, want to have them? Have to purchase premium. That's just greedy and enough to drop 2 stars from a pretty fantastic game. What a shame. People will support the game, but greed like that is unacceptable.
    2024-07-13 03:35:15
  • avatar
    This would be a 5 star but with the new "update" all my progress been wiped, and I played after the 2nd mission as I've been told to get my purchases back but I never got my "master key purchase" or smth like that back and whenever I try to buy it, Google says I already own it (because I do) so now I don't know what to do because I can't buy it again.
    2024-07-12 12:31:27
  • avatar
    For some God forsaken reason EVERYTHING is behind a pay wall and yet they can't have the common sense to make enemy's have sensible spawns. Every time I peek around a corner there's always a hostage carrier and grenade thrower RIGHT NEXT TO EACHOTHER making it literally impossible to win because by the time I can line the shot up on the hostage carrier the grenade is thrown and by the time I shoot the grenade guy the hostage is killed. It's crazy that they would even think of adding a pay wall.
    2024-07-11 14:33:28
  • avatar
    Cons: Paywall, wobbly aim even after changing sensitivity settings, shotgun does not work like a shotgun (there's no spread). Pros: Can be played offline, small download size. Also note: for me this game is like Time Crisis, but less fun. Neutral note: For non premium members it uses an energy system and takes 12 mins for 1 energy to be restored, and 10 energy total can be stored.
    2024-07-11 00:06:32
  • avatar
    WAY too many ads, if I die, I can choose to watch an ad to revive myself, but if I select no, then I still watch an ad. Game play is unique but very, very buggy (gun not moving sometimes). Some things are pay to win with premium. Add a one-time fee option to get rid of all ads, please.
    2024-07-10 14:48:19