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Brutal Beatdown Mod APK
Package ID: com.garagekitgames.brutalbrawl
Latest Version: v19
Latest update: 2024-07-09 10:56:03
Developer: Garagekit Games
Requirements: Android
Category: Action
Size: 54.70 MB
Tags: Action Level War
Rating :4.3

Welcome to Brutal Beatdown Mod, the ultimate fighting quest app that will immerse you in epic beatings and hilarious street fights! In this 3D game, you will defend the karate dojo from relentless hordes of fighters using a variety of brutal smacking, kicking, boxing, and combo punching moves. Choose from a diverse cast of original fighter characters, each with their unique martial arts skills. Whether you prefer drunken kung fu, taekwondo, boxing, or wrestling, there's a style for everyone. Level up your favourite fighters to unleash devastating attacks and unlock new characters. Can you rise to the top of the global leaderboard and become the ultimate champion? Download now for free, and get ready for some face-punching, kicker battles, and non-stop action!

Features of Brutal Beatdown Mod:

Epic Beating Quest: it offers an immersive and exciting beating quest in 3D. Players are in the middle of intense face fights filled with brutal smacking, kicking, boxing, and combo punching.

Original Fighter Characters: Choose from a variety of original fighter characters, each with their own unique style and martial arts skills. From drunken kung fu to taekwondo, boxing, wrestling, and more, there's a fighter for every player's preference.

Level Up and Unlock Characters: Showcase your fighting skills by defeating villains and collecting coins to unlock new characters. Level up your favourite fighters to become even more powerful and dominate the battles.

Fast and Furious Action: Enjoy fast-paced 3D kicking and punch face fight battles that will keep you on the edge of your seat. String together intense combos of attacks to earn high scores and rise on the global leaderboards.

Record and Share Moments: Capture three-second gifts of exciting or funny moments in your fights and share them on social media. Show off your skills and entertain your friends with epic fight scenes.


How many characters can I unlock in it? - There are a total of 9 unlockable characters, each with their unique fighting style.

Can I play it in multiplayer mode? - Currently, it offers single-player gameplay only. However, you can compete with friends by comparing your scores on the global leaderboards.

Are there any daily rewards in the game? - Yes, players can earn daily rewards by logging in to the game regularly. These rewards can help enhance and progress your fighters.


Brutal Beatdown Mod is the ultimate ragdoll fighting and puncher game that offers an addictive and thrilling experience. With its epic beating quest, a wide range of original fighter characters, and fast-paced action, this game is sure to keep you entertained for hours. Level up your fighters, unlock new characters, and dominate the leaderboard rankings. Don't miss out on the excitement of smacking and beating hordes of villains. Download for free now and defend the dojo from destruction!


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