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TableTop BornStar APK
Package ID: com.domain.tabletoppornstar
Latest Version: v0.6
Latest update: 2024-07-08 11:43:05
Developer: Basilicata
Requirements: Android
Category: Casual
Size: 462.00 MB
Tags: Action War Dice
Rating :4.2

TableTop BornStar is a captivating and immersive adult visual novel game that brings the thrilling world of Hollywood in 1999 right to your fingertips. As the game's protagonist, you step into the shoes of a washed-up talent agent, trapped in his office due to house arrest. Your mission? To guide Mary Jane, a beautiful and ambitious country girl, on her journey to stardom and fortune. The choices you make will determine the path Mary Jane takes, presenting you with the moral dilemma of whether to exploit her vulnerability or genuinely support her in navigating the treacherous waters of fame. Get ready to make tough decisions and experience a thrilling rollercoaster ride of power, corruption, and ambition in TableTop BornStar.

Features of TableTop BornStar:

⭐ Engaging Visual Novel Gameplay: it combines the immersive storytelling of a visual novel with the exciting gameplay mechanics of dice and cards. Dive into a captivating narrative set in 1999 Hollywood, where you control a talent agent, navigating the cutthroat world of showbiz.

⭐ Corruption as a Main Theme: This game isn't afraid to explore gritty themes. Corruption plays a central role, creating a morally ambiguous environment where you must make tough decisions. Will you exploit Mary Jane's dreams or genuinely support her pursuit of fame and fortune?

⭐ Dynamic Decision-Making: Every choice you make matters. Your decisions will shape the storyline, leading to multiple branching paths and unique outcomes. Explore the consequences of your actions as you steer the narrative towards different endings.

⭐ Rich Character Development: Immerse yourself in a world filled with well-crafted characters, each with their motivations and desires. Engage in deep conversations, uncover hidden secrets, and build relationships that will influence the direction of the story.

Tips for Users:

⭐ Choose Your Morality: it challenges you to decide between good and evil. Think carefully about your character's motivations and the consequences of your choices. Are you willing to sacrifice your integrity for fame, or will you stay true to your principles?

⭐ Experiment with Different Paths: This game offers multiple storylines and endings, depending on the choices you make. To fully experience all the content, play through the game more than once, exploring different paths and seeing how your decisions impact the outcome.

⭐ Pay Attention to Character Relationships: Building relationships with other characters is crucial. Listen to their needs and desires, as they can provide valuable information and assistance along your journey. Strengthening these connections may lead to unexpected opportunities or unforeseen obstacles.


TableTop BornStar is an enthralling adult visual novel game that seamlessly combines addictive gameplay mechanics with a captivating narrative. Navigate the treacherous world of Hollywood in 1999 making difficult choices that will shape the destiny of your character and those around you. With its exploration of corruption and morally complex themes, it offers a unique and immersive experience for players seeking a thought-provoking and emotionally charged gaming experience. Will you exploit or empower Mary Jane's dreams of stardom? The choice is yours in TableTop BornStar. Download now and embark on a journey filled with intrigue, temptation, and redemption.


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