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Airport Master - Plane Tycoon Mod

Airport Master - Plane Tycoon Mod APK
Package ID: com.wireless.airportmaster
Latest Version: v1.54
Latest update: 2024-07-08 11:21:05
Developer: Wireless Games
Requirements: Android
Category: Action
Size: 135.90 MB
Tags: Action Simulation Management
Rating :4.1

Welcome to Airport Master - Plane Tycoon Mod, the ultimate airport management game! Take control of an airline empire, making crucial decisions in the fast-paced aviation industry. Expand your airport, and manage flights, passengers, and resources to shape its destiny. As Airport Manager, hire security teams and inspect luggage to secure the airport. Purchase machines for thorough checks. This thrilling tycoon game lets you build, manage, and expand your dream airport, simulating real-life 3D experiences. Prioritize passenger and staff happiness, hire top pilots, and acquire fast planes for smooth operations. Download now and embark on your journey as an Airport Master!

Features of Airport Master - Plane Tycoon Mod:

⭐ Realistic Airport Management:

It allows you to experience the thrill of running a realistic airport, where you are in control of every aspect of its operations. From managing flights and passengers to expanding your airport infrastructure, you will make crucial decisions that will shape the destiny of your aviation empire.

⭐ Strategic Decision Making:

As the airport manager, you will have to make strategic decisions to ensure the smooth running of your airport. This includes arranging airlines, hiring security teams, and investing in luggage-checking machines. Your decisions will have a direct impact on the security and efficiency of your airport.

⭐ Immersive Simulation:

You can immerse yourself in a realistic 3D simulation of an airport. The game provides a lifelike experience, allowing you to feel the excitement and challenges of managing an aviation hub. The attention to detail and vibrant graphics make the gameplay even more engaging.

⭐ Building and Expansion:

One of the key features is the ability to build, manage, and expand your dream airport. You can customize your airport infrastructure, construct new facilities, and upgrade existing ones to accommodate more flights and passengers. Build your empire from scratch and watch it grow into a bustling aviation hub.

Tips for Users:

⭐ Prioritize Security:

Ensuring the security of your airport is crucial. Hire well-trained security teams and invest in luggage-checking machines to prevent any suspicious or dangerous items from entering the airport. This will not only keep your passengers and staff safe but also protect the reputation of your airport.

⭐ Invest in Quality Staff:

Happy passengers are the key to a successful airport. Hire the best pilots to ensure smooth and efficient flights. Invest in well-trained staff members who can provide excellent customer service. Happy staff will create a positive atmosphere, leading to increased passenger satisfaction and revenue.

⭐ Plan for Expansion:

To thrive in the aviation industry, you need to plan for growth and expansion. Monitor the demand for flights and passenger traffic in your airport and invest in infrastructure accordingly. Build new terminals, lounges, and parking areas to accommodate more flights and provide a seamless experience for travellers.


Airport Master - Plane Tycoon Mod offers a thrilling and immersive experience of managing your aviation empire. With realistic gameplay and stunning graphics, you can feel the excitement and challenges of running a successful airport. Make strategic decisions, prioritize security and passenger satisfaction, and plan for growth to build your dream airport. Download Airport Master now and embark on an exhilarating journey in the aviation industry.


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  • avatar
    Would be a really good game if you didn't get slammed with ads one after another, I got 7 ads in the space of 5 minutes. Just seems like it's a ad farm. I understand free games needs ads to survive but not this many that makes the game unplayable. It's a shame as it's a really good game
    2024-07-12 23:23:02
  • avatar
    I actually really like this game. I've played for hours upon hours. As most people, it seems like, the adds are excessive. They are super annoying. Two adds pop up is you try to get a new worker or whatever for ONE add! Please fix this and I will change my reveiw.
    2024-07-12 15:42:14
  • avatar
    This game is addicting at first, but when you finish it it gets so boring i want new levels, so many adds and you have to to check the employees if their awake and its annoying, but you can upgrade the stamina to slow it down but it still happens very ultra annoying i will give it 2 stars maybe when a new update happens about bug fixes and stuff maybe i change it to 4 stars, but please update it its so boring now i kind of want to uninstall its very boring now and so easy.
    2024-07-12 05:27:52
  • avatar
    I couldn't update my original review but I went down to 1 star. The game play takes forever to get the amount needed to upgrade. I would watch an ad to get 3x profit, etc. And another ad would pop literally after the one finished. It could be a good game, but the ads are horrible.
    2024-07-12 04:14:58
  • avatar
    Game itself was ok, but I only got maybe half an hour worth of game play into it and gave up because there are just too many ads! Have to watch adds to increase staff and then get another ad straight after, seems like everytime you go to do something you get stopped by an ad. No thanks
    2024-07-11 09:36:57
  • avatar
    This game is cute. Good graphics. There is no sound i dont like that.dont need vibrations There is no directions but easy enough. But in the beginning you do everything yourself and there was no direction as far as what to purchase first. But the biggest thing is you have lil money to start so your only option is to watch a ad in order to get anything. Money is slow to build up. It is also glitchy. Characters just standing stuck but if you push through its a gem. But there is only one airport
    2024-07-10 10:50:37