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John GBA Mod APK
Package ID: com.johnemulators.johngba
Latest Version: vv4.05
Latest update: 2024-07-08 10:40:03
Developer: John Emulators
Requirements: Android
Category: Action
Size: 14.20 MB
Tags: Action
Rating :4.3

Introducing John GBA Mod, the ultimate emulator app for all GBA game enthusiasts! Compatible with Android 6.0+, this app brings back the nostalgia of playing your favourite GBA games right on your smartphone. But wait, there's more! Before you commit, why not give it a whirl to test its features? Rest assured, it can seamlessly transfer all your data from the Lite version. With its original GBA engine, high-quality rendering, cheats, and customizable keys, you'll relish an impeccable gaming experience. And, with features like search capabilities, a virtual keypad, zipped file support, and turbo buttons, it's a true game-changer. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of classic GBA games, anytime, anywhere, with John GBA!

Features of John GBA Mod:

❤ Original GBA Engine: it is equipped with the original GBA engine, ensuring that you can enjoy your favourite GBA games with the same smooth and authentic gameplay experience.

❤ Cheats: You can easily use cheats in your games. It supports various cheat code formats, including Raw, GameShark, and CodeBreaker.

❤ High-Quality Rendering: The app provides high-quality rendering of graphics, ensuring that you can fully appreciate the visuals of your favourite GBA games.

❤ File Search: it allows you to conveniently search for your game files in both the SDCard and Internal Storage of your device.

❤ Virtual On-screen Keypad: The app offers a virtual on-screen keypad, providing a user-friendly control option for playing your games.

❤ Zipped File Support: it supports zipped files, allowing you to easily organize and manage your game files.

Tips for Users:

❤ Customize Your Controls: Take advantage of the customizable keys feature to set up the control layout that works best for you. This will enhance your gaming experience and make it more comfortable.

❤ Utilize Save States: Make use of the save states feature, which allows you to easily save your progress at any point in the game. This can be especially helpful during difficult or time-consuming sections.

❤ Turbo Buttons for Faster Gameplay: If you want to speed up your gameplay, activate the turbo buttons feature. This will allow you to breeze through parts of the game that you've already mastered or sections that require repetitive actions.


John GBA Mod is a top-notch GBA emulator for Android devices, offering a wide range of features and functionalities that make it a must-have for any GBA enthusiast. With its original GBA engine, high-quality rendering, cheat support, and customizable controls, the app ensures an enjoyable and authentic gaming experience. Whether you're a nostalgic fan of classic GBA games or new to the world of GBA, it has everything you need to relive or discover the magic of Game Boy Advance gaming. Download now and start playing your favourite GBA games on your Android device.


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  • avatar
    * update * changing to 2 stars due to poor communication through email. I can't seem to get a reply or answer as to why I can't play my games since android 10 update. Everything was fine before update. If developer answers me and helps then I will change rating.
    2024-07-13 01:31:59
  • avatar
    Whatever your latest update did it just made all my roms unusable so guess I'm going to have to uninstall this and leave a bad review this is the second update that has caused me issues first one I was willing to work with but that wasn't that long ago, having to continue to find a way to make this work isn't what I paid for.
    2024-07-12 13:26:31
  • avatar
    Used to be able to play, but after changing phone, I have copied zip file to the folder but after scanning, no file were found. I cannot play any games
    2024-07-12 07:29:06
  • avatar
    fun simple emulator on older updates this was a 5/5 but with the newer update its hard to get roms working i have them in a folder thats made for the program both .gba, .GBA and zip filders dont work any more
    2024-07-11 18:09:03
  • avatar
    It's everything I was looking for in an emulator. Runs smooth, opens up a world of gaming possibility, easy controls, it's all good. My only regret is not having shoulder buttons on my phone.
    2024-07-11 00:32:10
  • avatar
    It was greatest emulator but now it can't find any zip file and app constantly asking for permissions.
    2024-07-10 03:08:18