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Pocket Mine 3 Mod

Pocket Mine 3 Mod APK
Package ID: ca.roofdog.pm3
Latest Version: v46.16.0
Latest update: 2024-07-08 09:23:04
Developer: Roofdog Games
Requirements: Android
Category: Action
Size: 138.00 MB
Tags: Action Adventure War
Rating :4.0

Embark on an exhilarating mining adventure like no other in this captivating sequel! Pocket Mine 3 Mod takes you deep into the heart of a thrilling world where every tap uncovers hidden treasures. Digging through blocks has never been this addictive! Brace yourself for mind-blowing chain reactions, as you craft and equip powerful gear to aid your journey. Collect rare artefacts, unlock treasure chests, and trade with friends to complete your coveted collection. With stunning locations, unique monsters, and exciting events, this app guarantees an endless thrill. So, grab your tools, report any issues via in-game support, and let's get digging into the excitement unimaginable!

Features of Pocket Mine 3 Mod:

Exciting mining adventure: it takes you on an addictive mining adventure where you tap blocks to dig deep and explore various locations in an exciting world. Each location is beautifully designed and offers unique monsters and artefacts to discover.

Stunning chain reactions: As you dig deeper, you can trigger stunning chain reactions that will help you clear blocks faster and reach new depths. These chain reactions add an element of excitement and challenge to the gameplay.

Customizable character: Customize your character with powerful gear to improve your mining abilities. Equip different helmets, pickaxes, and other gear to enhance your digging speed and increase your chances of finding rare artefacts.

Deck building: Build your deck of cards strategically to reach new digging depths. Each card represents a special ability or power-up that can be used during gameplay. Experiment with different card combinations to optimize your digging strategy.

Tips for Users:

Plan your digging strategy: Before starting a new dig, take a moment to plan your strategy. Identify the blocks that need to be cleared to progress and look for opportunities to trigger chain reactions. A well-planned strategy can help you dig deeper and discover more valuable artefacts.

Trade with friends: Take advantage of the trading feature to complete your artefact collections. Trading with friends can help you unlock rare artefacts and improve your gameplay. Don't forget to help your friends by trading duplicate artefacts you have.

Keep an eye on updates and events: it offers frequent updates and events with fresh content. Make sure to stay updated and participate in these events to get access to new gear, cards, and artefacts. These updates and events will keep the game exciting and give you new goals to work towards.


Pocket Mine 3 Mod is a thrilling and addictive mining adventure game that offers a variety of exciting features. With stunning chain reactions and customizable characters, the gameplay is engaging and immersive. Building your deck and trading with friends adds a strategic element that keeps the game interesting. The frequent updates and events provide fresh content, ensuring that players always have something new to explore. So, if you're ready to embark on a digger's journey, download and get ready to dig deep!


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