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Book of Corruption

Book of Corruption APK
Package ID: com.bk
Latest Version: v0.55
Latest update: 2024-07-08 09:15:03
Developer: Yla
Requirements: Android
Category: Casual
Size: 164.00 MB
Tags: Action Adventure War
Rating :4.4

In this captivating and immersive app "Book of Corruption", join the thrilling journey of a young man named Mike, who has just stepped into the professional world after graduating college. Living under the same roof as his caring mother and sister, Mike embarks on a new chapter of his life at a prestigious corporation. Little does he know that his path will soon intersect with the supernatural when he unexpectedly encounters a mysterious witch in a dimly lit back alley. With a generous gift, she entrusts him with a powerful book of magic, capable of transforming any woman he desires. Brace yourself as you dive into the enthralling tale of Mike's choices, consequences, and the undeniable power of temptation.

Features of Book of Corruption:

❤ Intriguing storyline: it offers players a unique and captivating story. As a fresh college graduate Mike embarks on his career, he encounters a mysterious witch who gives him a magical book. This book has the power to transform any woman into a "slut," creating an irresistible blend of fantasy and adventure.

❤ Versatile gameplay: The game presents players with a range of choices and consequences, allowing them to shape Mike's journey. Whether you prefer to play as a virtuous hero or explore a darker path, the game accommodates different playstyles, making each playthrough a personal and rewarding experience.

❤ Stunning visuals: it utilizes high-quality visuals, bringing the characters and scenarios to life. Immerse yourself in a beautifully crafted game world, from the bustling cityscape to the enchanting back alleys where Mike encounters the witch. The exceptional graphics enhance the overall gaming experience, making it visually appealing and captivating.

Tips for Users:

❤ Choose your path wisely: it offers players the freedom to make choices throughout the game. Think carefully before using the magic book on a woman, as each decision will have consequences for Mike's relationships and the overall story. Make choices that align with your preferred gameplay style and moral compass.

❤ Explore alternative outcomes: Experiment with different choices and see how they affect the storyline and interactions with other characters. Play the game multiple times to unveil various branches and outcomes, immersing yourself in the game's rich narrative and discovering hidden surprises.

❤ Pay attention to character development: Take the time to understand the personalities and backgrounds of each character you encounter. Engage in meaningful conversations, uncover their motivations, and discover how they evolve throughout the game. Building strong relationships might open up new opportunities and add depth to the overall experience.


Book of Corruption, with its compelling storyline, versatile gameplay, and stunning visuals, is an irresistible gaming experience that will keep players engaged for hours. Dive into the enchanting world of Mike as he navigates his career and the consequences of the magic book. Carefully choose your path, explore alternative outcomes, and invest in character development to fully unravel the game's mysteries. With the perfect blend of fantasy, adventure, and decision-making, Book of Corruption guarantees an unforgettable gaming journey. Click now to embark on an extraordinary adventure!


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