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Summer with Mia 2/Returning to Mia

Summer with Mia 2/Returning to Mia APK
Package ID: com.koga3.returningtomia
Latest Version: v10.1
Latest update: 2024-07-05 11:14:04
Developer: Inceton Games
Requirements: Android
Category: Casual
Size: 2024.60 MB
Tags: Action
Rating :4.5

"Summer with Mia 2/Returning to Mia" is an intriguing and captivating app that takes place two years after the first game. As the main character, you are now more mature and find yourself reunited with your estranged sister, Mia, after accepting an invitation from your aunt to spend summer break with them. With a sordid past haunting you both and unresolved feelings lingering, you are faced with navigating a complicated dynamic with Mia and those around you. The choices you make will determine if you prioritize faithfulness to your new girlfriend, rekindle a sexual relationship with Mia, or succumb to temptation and revert to your wild ways. With a sexy new cast of characters and an enthralling storyline, these decisions won't be easy, but the consequences are entirely in your hands.

Features of Summer with Mia 2/Returning to Mia:

Compelling Storyline: It continues the captivating story from the first game, delving deeper into the complex relationships and unresolved emotions between the main character and his estranged sister. Players will be enthralled by the twists and turns of the narrative, which offers multiple paths and choices.

Matured Characters: The main character and Mia have grown and evolved since the first game, adding layers of depth and complexity to their personalities. This allows for more engaging interactions, as players explore the dynamics of their newly complicated relationship.

Tempting Choices: The game presents players with difficult decisions to make, testing their loyalty and morality. Will they stay faithful to their new girlfriend, rekindle their sexual relationship with Mia, or succumb to temptation? The choices are entirely up to the player, making every playthrough a unique and personal experience.

Intriguing New Characters: Alongside the familiar faces, Summer with Mia 2/Returning to Mia introduces a sexy new cast of characters that will spice up the gameplay. These additions bring fresh perspectives and potential love interests, further complicating the main character's journey.


Can I play Summer with Mia 2/Returning to Mia without having played the first game?

Yes, it can be enjoyed as a standalone experience. While having prior knowledge of the characters and their relationships can enhance the gameplay, the game provides enough background information for new players to understand and enjoy the story.

How long does it take to complete the game?

The length of the game depends on the player's choices and the paths they take. On average, it takes about 5-7 hours to complete one playthrough. However, multiple playthroughs are recommended to explore different storylines and endings.

Are there different endings?

Yes, Summer with Mia 2/Returning to Mia offers multiple endings based on the decisions made by the player. Each ending has its own consequences and outcomes, providing a sense of replayability and allowing players to shape the story according to their preferences.


Summer with Mia 2/Returning to Mia offers an alluring mix of a compelling storyline, matured characters, tempting choices, and intriguing new characters. With its gripping narrative and the player's ability to shape the story through their decisions, the game provides an immersive and personalized experience. Whether you are a new player or a returning fan, this sequel promises to captivate and challenge you. So, step into the world of "Returning to Mia" and experience the thrilling consequences of your choices.


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