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EWA Learn English & Spanish Language APK
Package ID: com.ewa.ewaapp
Latest Version: v10.2.0
Latest update: 2024-05-15 17:42:54
Developer: lithium lab pte ltd
Requirements: Android
Category: Other
Size: 124.95 MB
Tags: Read
Rating :4.0

Introducing EWA Learn English & Spanish Language - the ultimate English learning app for Android devices. Say goodbye to long hours of boring classes and hello to a fun and efficient way of leaing English. With just 15 minutes a day, you can significantly improve your language skills, both written and oral, and enhance your comprehension of speech and reading. But what sets EWA apart? This app offers a unique approach, packed with interesting exercises and addictive mini-games that make leaing enjoyable. You can even compete with people worldwide to test your skills. Get ready to engage in interactive dialogues and elevate your language abilities through courses and exercises based on movies, TV series, books, and other effective techniques. Dive into EWA: Lea English - where language leaing becomes an exciting adventure.

Features of EWA Learn English & Spanish Language:

> Actionable Techniques: The app offers a high-quality and effective methodology that allows users to improve their language skills in just 15 minutes a day.

> Interesting exercises and mini-games: Users can engage in thematic exercises and addictive mini-games to enhance their English language knowledge. They can also compete with real people from around the world.

> Interactive dialogues with famous personalities and characters: Users can engage in interactive dialogues with various famous personalities and characters to improve their communication skills in a foreign language.

> Courses and exercises based on movies and TV series: The app provides courses and exercises that are based on watching movies and TV series with original voice acting. This helps users improve their listening and comprehension skills.

> Reading and listening to books: Users can enhance their language skills by reading and listening to books in the original language. This feature helps improve both oral and reading skills.

> Many other effective techniques: The app offers a variety of other effective techniques for language learning, ensuring a well-rounded and comprehensive learning experience.


EWA Learn English & Spanish Language is a great app for android devices that aims to help users learn English quickly, efficiently, and in a fun way. With its actionable techniques, interesting exercises and mini-games, interactive dialogues, courses based on movies and TV series, reading and listening to books, and various other effective techniques, this app provides users with a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. Start your English learning journey now and download EWA: Lea English - English Lessons!


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  • avatar
    That app is better than I expected. The library is my favorite feature. You can read, listen, see the translation of the words and save them to study later. I just do not give it 5 stars again because I have issues setting up the subscription with the registration. Basically, the app does not do it automatically when yiu pay the subscription with the registration that you used on test version. Even when I signed out then enter clicking "continue" (what supposed to send me to the right account).
    2024-05-19 13:58:33
  • avatar
    It's generally a good app for learning, but I have impaired hearing and I have great difficulty in understanding the short, often single word film clips used in the app. It may be better if the lips moved in sync with the word, but often it does not, as they use English language film dubbed into French. It's a shame, but there you go.
    2024-05-19 10:48:14
  • avatar
    It's kinda dishonest that you make the app free download but in order to use it you have to pay for it or at least to get the main content which for me was reading books. I hate when people do that so I don't trust paying you guys to get a bad surprise later on. It's still a good app tho, the English courses are smart with videos from movies and series, with more free content I'd rate more, it's worthy to keep it for now.
    2024-05-18 17:17:58
  • avatar
    The app is really good to learn. It's rich in vocabulary useful BUT it needs to improve couple of things. First, when you learn a new word and try to practice it again, the translation is (usually) something completely different and, some times, crazy and confusing. This feature to practice again the "learned" vocabulary uses generics translations out of context. Second, in those higher levels you should reduce the use of the native tongue. It is better practice after some point without it.
    2024-05-18 09:59:15
  • avatar
    Great app, maybe the best I've seen (great content, with grammar lessons). I wanted something to improve my upper intermediate english. 2 improvement suggestions : - I have the app for months now, and I would be grateful if there was some "search bar" to find a specific notion or word when I want to refresh my memory. - be careful on some translations, there are still some mistakes or translations which are not accurate in the native language (French for me). - keep adding content
    2024-05-18 09:35:44
  • avatar
    Minuses: 1. Many translations of words are missing. Like "demureness" or "negligently".. 2. You can't save the books you are reading. So u need to search for them every time you open the app. 3. It took me time to realize that books with middle level dont actually show level of a book, but were shortened and edited. It ruined a bit experience for me. Pluses: Good book selection, good interface.
    2024-05-18 05:06:31