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Latest update: 2024-05-15 17:42:40
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The "НОВА-КОМ" mobile app is a convenient and user-friendly tool for accessing and managing your municipal utility bills. With this app, you can easily access your subscriber account and receive electronic bills for various services in real-time. No need to navigate multiple websites or apps - simply input your address and utility code, and all the information you need for payment is at your fingertips. You can instantly pay for all services or choose which ones to pay, check your payment history, monitor your usage for each service, submit meter readings, and more. For any inquiries, the NOVA-KOM customer service is just a call or email away. Take control of your utility bills with the НОВА-КОМ mobile app!

Features of НОВА-КОМ:

- Real-time access to the "Subscriber's Cabinet": The app allows users to access their "Subscriber's Cabinet" in real-time, giving them continuous access to their account information.

- Convenient and fast electronic billing: Users can easily and quickly receive electronic bills for their utility services, along with the corresponding payment amounts, and make payments directly through the app.

- Centralized information: Instead of visiting multiple apps or websites of different service providers, users can conveniently receive up-to-date information about their utility payments and services in one centralized platform.

- Easy setup: All users need to do is provide their address and utility code to gain access to all the necessary information for payment of each service.

- Payment history and tracking: The app allows users to check their payment history and obtain information about any payment made within any given period.

- Meter readings: Users can effortlessly submit meter readings for each utility service and keep track of their reading history.


The "НОВА-КОМ" mobile app offers a user-friendly and efficient solution for managing utility payments. With features such as real-time access to account information, electronic billing, centralized information, easy setup, payment history and tracking, and meter reading submission, this app enhances convenience and streamlines the payment process for users. Download the app now to simplify your utility payments and stay in control of your expenses.


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    Невозможно оплатить через приложение
    2024-05-19 08:08:33
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    Бестолковое приложение с кучей багов!!! По всей видимости, создавалось за много бюджетных денег и никем не проверялось (((( Стыдно и за разработчиков и за заказчиков (((
    2024-05-17 09:25:07