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Speed Test WiFi Analyzer 4G/5G

Speed Test WiFi Analyzer 4G/5G APK
Package ID: com.specure.nettest
Latest Version: v5.2.3
Latest update: 2024-04-02 09:27:59
Developer: SPECURE GmbH
Requirements: Android
Category: Tools
Size: 117.88 MB
Rating :4.1

Speed Test WiFi Analyzer 4G/5G is a powerful and reliable app that lets you truly test the speed of your fixed, cellular, or WiFi network. Unlike other speed test apps, Open NetTest sets itself apart by using an open and transparent methodology. With no ads or in-app purchases, it focuses solely on providing accurate and dependable results. The app measures various parameters like download and upload speed, ping, jitter, and packet loss. It also safeguards your privacy by anonymizing sensitive data and offers real-time speed test results, as well as a historic record of your internet speed tests. With multiple testing platforms available, Open NetTest is the go-to app for analyzing and optimizing your internet connection. Try it out and let us know your thoughts!

Features of Speed Test WiFi Analyzer 4G/5G:

* Ad-free: Open NetTest does not include any ads or in-app purchases, ensuring uninterrupted internet speed testing and WiFi analysis.

* Reliable results: The app uses measurement servers in Internet Peering Exchange Points, eliminating any influence from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who could manipulate the speed test results.

* Privacy protection: Open NetTest collects only necessary data and anonymizes sensitive information like location and IP addresses for statistical analysis, ensuring user privacy.

* Real-time speed test results: Users can view speed testing parameters, such as download/upload speed and ping, in real-time. This feature allows instant feedback on the quality of the internet connection for activities like online gaming and video streaming.

* Historic speed test results: The app stores previous speed test records, allowing users to track how their internet speed has changed over time. This feature enables users to monitor any fluctuations in their internet connection.

* Multiple testing platforms: Open NetTest is available as a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices, as well as a web app. Advanced users can also access hardware speed testing probes and a command-line client (CLI) for more specialized testing.


Speed Test WiFi Analyzer 4G/5G is a reliable and user-friendly app for testing internet speed and analyzing WiFi networks. With its ad-free experience, privacy protection, and real-time speed test results, users can easily assess the quality of their internet connection. The option to view historic speed test results and the availability of multiple testing platforms make it a comprehensive tool for monitoring and optimizing internet performance. Download today to ensure a smooth internet experience.


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