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SchoolStatus Classic APK
Package ID:
Latest Version: v4.0.4
Latest update: 2024-07-08 14:37:05
Developer: SchoolStatus, LLC
Requirements: Android
Category: Communication
Size: 110.40 MB
Tags: System Education Date
Rating :4.2

Stay connected with your students' parents like never before with the SchoolStatus Classic app. This incredible tool allows you to effortlessly engage with parents no matter where you are. With SchoolStatus, you can easily find contact information for any of your students, ensuring that you can reach out to parents whenever the need arises. What's more, the app offers the convenience of making private calls from an anonymous number, protecting your privacy while maintaining open lines of communication. Plus, with the ability to access your engagement history, you can keep track of your interactions and ensure that you never miss an important conversation.

Features of SchoolStatus Classic:

- Enhanced Parent Engagement: The app allows you to stay engaged with your parents from anywhere. With this app, you can easily communicate and keep parents informed about their child's progress, attendance, and other important updates. By fostering better communication between parents and teachers, the app helps create a strong support system for students.

- Convenient Contact Finding: Finding the contact information of any of your students' parents or guardians is made easy with the app. No need to sift through piles of paperwork or search multiple spreadsheets, the app provides a streamlined way to access contact details, ensuring you can reach out to parents promptly when needed.

- Anonymous Private Calls: Need to make a private call to a parent without sharing your personal phone number? The app empowers you to make private calls using an anonymous number. This feature ensures privacy and confidentiality when discussing sensitive matters, maintaining professional boundaries between teachers and parents.

- Engagement History: With the app, you can access your engagement history with parents. It allows you to keep track of your communications, making it easier to follow up on previous discussions and monitor parent-teacher interactions. By having a comprehensive engagement history at your fingertips, you can provide a more personalized and informed approach when communicating with parents.


- Is the SchoolStatus Classic app compatible with all devices?

Yes, the app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You can download it from the App Store or Google Play Store.

- Can I sync the app with my existing student information system?

Yes, the app can be integrated with various student information systems. This allows for seamless synchronization of data, ensuring accurate contact information and updated student records.

- How secure is the anonymous private calling feature?

The app prioritizes data security and ensures privacy when making anonymous private calls. The app employs encryption protocols and safeguards to protect the confidentiality of all communication.


The SchoolStatus Classic app is a game-changer for teachers and schools looking to enhance parent engagement. With its convenient features like easy contact finding, anonymous private calls, and engagement history tracking, the app streamlines communication between parents and teachers. By fostering stronger connections, the app promotes a collaborative approach to education, benefiting students in their overall academic journey. Stay connected with parents, simplify your administrative tasks, and nurture a supportive learning environment with the app. Download now and experience the power of effective parent-teacher communication.


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