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My VODOBOX Web TV (live)

My VODOBOX Web TV (live) APK
Package ID: my.vodobox.webtv
Latest Version: v1.29
Latest update: 2024-06-18 18:06:24
Developer: VODOBOX
Requirements: Android
Category: Media & Video
Size: 0.10 MB
Tags: Video Read
Rating :4.4

Introducing the My VODOBOX Web TV app, a game changer for TV enthusiasts. This innovative app brings together a vast collection of public and free TV programs from various web broadcasters and your Internet Service Provider, such as Free. But that's not all - you can take it a step further by loading unlimited custom M3U files and creating your personalized list of favorite TV shows. To enjoy live TV shows on your Android device, you might need an additional video player, and the app has got you covered. Simply head to the "Help & Tips" section in the app's menu to find a comprehensive list of compatible video players. Plus, to ensure optimal video compatibility for all Android devices, the app lets you select multiple video players of your choice. Get ready for a seamless and immersive TV-watching experience like never before with My VODOBOX Web TV app.

Features of My VODOBOX Web TV (live):

❤ Vast selection of TV programs: The App provides a wide range of TV programs that are shared publicly and for free on the internet. These programs come from various web broadcasters and your Internet Service Provider.

❤ Customizable playlist: Users can enhance their TV experience by loading unlimited personalized M3U files and composing their own list of favorite TV programs.

❤ Compatibility with external video players: In case the built-in video player is not sufficient, the App offers a comprehensive list of compatible video players that can be used to watch live TV shows on your Android device.

❤ Easy access to help and tips: Users can navigate to the "Aides & Astuces" section in the main menu of the App to find a helpful list of compatible video players and any additional support they may need.

❤ Optimal video compatibility: To ensure seamless video playback across all Android devices, the App allows users to choose from multiple video players of their choice, ensuring a smooth viewing experience.

❤ User-friendly interface: The App boasts a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, making it effortless to find and watch your favorite TV programs.


My VODOBOX Web TV provides a vast selection of TV programs from different sources, allowing users to easily customize their viewing experience. With compatibility options for external video players and extensive support, this App ensures optimal video playback on various Android devices. Its user-friendly interface makes it convenient for users to access their favorite TV shows with just a few taps. Download now and enhance your TV entertainment on your Android device!


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