Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade MOD (Unlimited Money)

11 Civilizations, 34 Heroes, Real Warfare
Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade MOD Download APK
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Lilith Games
Jul 29, 2020
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Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade MOD (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest Apk Version of Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade MOD, A Strategy Game For Android. This MOD Includes Unlimited Money. Download Yours Now!

11 Civilizations, 34 Heroes, Actual Warfare

From the depths of obscurity to the peaks of legend, you may be the writer of your civilization’s historical past. Will you launch epic wars and conquer the complete world? Or stand up as a virtuous chief famend on your sagacity? Will, you set off to discover the unknown as a pioneer? Or dedicate your self to serving to your individual folks?

Solely time will inform…


Actual-Time Battles
Battles aren’t pre-calculated however occur in actual time on the map. Anybody can be part of or go away a battle at any time, permitting true RTS gameplay. See an ally being attacked properly in your yard? Ship some troops to assist your buddy out, or launch a shock counterattack on the attacker’s metropolis.

Seamless World Map
All in-game motion takes place on a single, huge map inhabited by gamers and NPC characters. No remoted bases or separate battle screens. By no means earlier than seen on cell “infinite zoom” function lets you transition freely between the world view and particular person cities or barbarian outposts. Map options embrace pure obstructions equivalent to rivers and mountain ranges and strategic passes that have to be captured to achieve entrance to neighboring areas.

Eleven Distinctive Civilizations
Select considered one of 11 historical civilizations (extra to come back!) and information your civilization from a lone clan into excellent energy. Every civilization has its personal structure, distinctive models, and particular benefits.

Exploration & Investigation
The world of Rising of Kingdoms is roofed in thick fog. Dispatch scouts to discover this mysterious land and uncover the hidden treasure inside. Examine misplaced temples, barbarian fortresses, mysterious caves, and tribal villages, collect intelligence in your enemies, and put together your self for the final word conflict!

Unrestricted Troop Actions
New orders may be issued to troops at any time, providing limitless strategic prospects. Launch a feint at an enemy metropolis, then circle again and meet up together with your alliance military to seize a move. Dispatch troops to gather lumber from a close-by forest and have them choose off a number of barbarian clans alongside the way in which. Forces will also be cut up between a number of commanders with the intention to have interaction in a number of actions concurrently.

Alliance System
Full set of alliance options enable gamers to assist each other: alliance chat with built-in translation perform, officer roles, map indicators to coordinate methods, and extra! Alliances can develop their territory to achieve assets, seize mountain passes and barbarian outposts to strengthen their place, and work collectively to unlock group achievements.

Conquer the Kingdom
Combat alongside your alliance to take management of this huge kingdom. Conflict with different gamers and use superior techniques to emerge victorious in an MMO technique battle royale. Rise to the highest and also you and your civilization will likely be written down in your kingdom’s historical past!

RPG Commanders
Name upon dozens of historic figures who will function your reliable commanders, from Julius Caesar and Solar Tzu to Joan of Arc and Kusunoki Masashige. Degree up your commanders by defeating barbarians and sending them into battles, then improve their talents utilizing an RPG model expertise tree and talent system.

Expedition Mode
Infinite Zoom–never earlier than seen on cell!
Kingdom Development
Civilization Particular Cities
Beautiful Graphics
3D Character Fashions
And extra…

Fb: https://www.fb.com/riseofkingdomsgame/

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What's new

1. New Equipment System!
2. Osiris League Live Testing!
3. Silk Road Speculators Optimizations
4. Shadow Legion Optimizations

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MOD Features!

  • Unlimited Money



227 comments on "Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade MOD (Unlimited Money)"

  1. siwarbj says:

    its not mod what is going on here please add reel mod ..?

  2. Mina says:

    Nothing appear after installing its same gems
    What is the issue

  3. yes says:

    It’s downloading as a .zip not a .apk so I can’t launch it in my apk installer is there a way to fix that

  4. jergen says:

    Dont see how its unlimited money. Installed over old game and updated obb file. Exactly the same… Elaborate on how this is unlimited?

  5. Hope says:

    Update new version please ?

  6. Charles martel says:

    When you are going to upload the latest mod? In what interval did the new updates came for rise of kingdoms?

  7. Infantry Monstor says:

    The holiday events will be ober by 30 december and can we expect the mod in first weak of januvary?

  8. Infantry Monstor says:

    Can we expect the mod in first weak of januvary?

  9. Ney says:

    how can i use the mod?
    the game work but i don’t see the unlimited money mod anywhere?

  10. Cao cao says:

    Rok groups are going to make new update soon. After the update in how much days will we get the mod… Hoping for your replay..

  11. Charles martel says:

    Thanks 🙂

  12. Infantry Monstor says:

    Hey.. guys when will you upload the latest version this is again the old version you puted here? Will you update it and release the mod?

  13. Sita says:

    Hello apk whale when will you upload the mod of latest version? ?

  14. Lachu says:

    Hello… this is not the latest mod. When will you update the real mod

  15. Charles martel says:

    This is not working . What is the problem?

  16. Sita says:

    The latest version is and this is an old version. Will not get unlimited gems i tried it.. When will you do that latest version???

  17. Cao cao says:

    Not getting unlimited gemswith this mod. How to get it ?

  18. Heaven says:

    Plzz.. release the latest update ( This is old version and i am not getting the unlimited gems. ?

  19. Kikii says:

    When will you update mod with unlimited money? waiting for that… No use with this updation?

  20. Beeni says:

    Can you please put a replay here after you put the MOD of latest version… ?

  21. Kikii says:

    Can you leave a replay after upload the mod of latest version.. ?

  22. ASHking says:

    Not working it is asking for update

  23. Athik says:

    When will you update the modded version?

  24. Liki says:

    Do you updated the modded latest version of rise of kingds?

  25. Cao cao says:

    You told today you will upload the modded version but cant see the modded version. When will you upload that?

  26. Kisan says:

    Did you made the modded version? When are you going to update the mod?

  27. High says:

    When will you updated the mod?

  28. Raki says:

    I want the mod this is not giving me the unlimited gems.

  29. Mary says:

    This is no the MOD when will you update it? ?

  30. Infantry Monstor says:

    Why you people are not updating MOD?

  31. Liki says:

    Win you release the moded version in 2 days??

  32. Dingan says:

    Can you give a date for the release of modded version of rise of kingdoms ???

  33. Savager says:

    When can we expect the latest modded version? Can you giva an approximate date… ?

  34. Rahul M says:

    Will you do the modded in 2 days?

  35. Mogu says:

    Will you release the modded version in a weak,? Waiting for the unlimited gems. ?

  36. Von ordona says:

    Waiting for latest version

  37. Buh says:

    I think it is not the lattest MOD. It is asking for the update.. ?

  38. Brant says:

    Ididnt got the unlimited gems, is it is the updation of mod?

  39. Logo says:

    This is not working asking for updation…. is it is a mod

  40. Kevin says:

    How mod works?

  41. Krippa says:

    I want an updated moded version. This is not giving me the unlimited gems, when i use this mod they are asking me to update…when will you release the real mod?

  42. Rin says:

    It isn’t unlimited as you say, which item that unlimited? My gems still decrease when i use it

  43. Dyko says:

    This mod is not working., waiting for the real one…

  44. Tarakam says:

    Coming soon means when? Can you give an approximate date… will it come in a weak? WAITING ?

  45. Jad as says:

    Why u are saying its mod and its fake ?

  46. Daswan says:

    Give me real 1 i have money

  47. Andyci says:

    Mod not working, Please Update…

  48. Susuma says:

    I want a latest update of unlimited gems, this stuff is not giving that… please release the latest mod

  49. ComoDoro says:

    The MOD (Unlimited Money) – It is not working so the game is in its original form ..
    Is there any way to fix this problem?

    • Hugo says:

      Hi great job in helping us play with mode realy appreciate hard work.can please tell me how it works the mod it will give us unlimited gems?and how much time it will take.thanks

  50. Rakini says:

    Waiting for the latest version…

  51. Enflagua says:

    How long will it take for the unlimite gems? I know you guys are working hard.. will it be released soon that means in a weak? ( Share the approximate date plz)

  52. Charles martel says:

    Will you release the mod this month I am waiting it for a month…

  53. Bigile says:

    Can you release the latest MOD please

  54. Cao cao says:

    Are you guys not going for the mod… I cant saw any replays from your side…can you guys give an approximate date for the mod..Waiting for it like a mad man for months and months?

  55. Cao cao says:

    Waiting for the release of mod and watching your site for 24*7 and maybe sometimes i may get mad… please release the mod guys. You told that the release will come soon and it is not coming.. plzz apk whale share that… kindly try to give an approximate date for the release… and give your guys first preference for rise of kingdoms plzzz

  56. Liki says:

    Kindly release the MOD of latest version… ?

  57. Brota says:

    Please update the REAL MOD waiting for that… ?

  58. Infantry Monstor says:

    Guys why are you not giving any replay.. plz say something about the release of the latest mod… give an approximate date atleast

  59. Myayvi says:

    MOD…. MOD…. MOD….. MOD….. MOD…. plzzz give me the real mod for unlimited gems?

  60. Charles martel says:


  61. Tataja says:

    Mod mod mod…. i want the real mod, when will you release that….

  62. Brant says:

    Apk you told that you will release the mod soon and now you are not even giving us replays…. What happend to rhe MOD ???

  63. Zach says:

    Plz give me the modded version for unlimited gems..

  64. Rddd says:

    Latest Mod…. Plz

  65. Chengal says:

    This is not workung plz update the latest MOD

  66. Pyucay says:

    I need the latest mod… when will you release tge mod?

  67. Mayetra says:

    Lost hope guys… cant see any response from your side

  68. Urapak says:

    I want the latest MOD

  69. Mina says:

    Hello…. I ned the mod plz….. This is not working

  70. Charles martel says:

    Plz give replay apk whale…. When will you release the MOD

  71. Charles martel says:

    Waiting for your response and updation of mod

  72. I need says:

    I need the mod of rise of kingdoms. When will you publish that?

  73. Punk says:

    It’s very funny. People asking for mod, moderators say they updated. people complain that there’s no mod (unlimited money); Moderators say they will update.
    People ask for an update; moderators say it’s updated; people say it’s not modded; Moderators say they will update.

    This is a server-sided game. Meaning, all the info is kept in the game development server. THERE WILL BE NO MODS.
    So funny. ???

  74. Ganu says:

    Did you updated the MOD

  75. Infantry Monstor says:

    When will you release the update of real MOD?

  76. Red says:

    Hey guys atleast Plz give a real comment on the MOD when will you give us? Or cant you make that. ❓️

  77. MAL says:

    mod not working 🙁 can you atleast help out

  78. Magneto says:

    So this Mod isn’t going to work. Or is there going to be a updated mod version?

  79. Rkiih says:

    When will you update the mod that means unlimited money version?

  80. Jack says:

    Hey, please update

  81. Jaspreet says:

    This mod is work ? pls tell

  82. Faris says:

    Is the current version working

  83. A Sane player says:

    There isn’t money in this game, it’s not eve the currency!!!!

  84. Que says:

    This update working

  85. Lao says:

    Its working. ?

  86. Crys says:

    Hi, do I need to uninstall my current game apk and reinstall the apk downloaded from here? And also removed my obb folder with the one posted in this web.? As I cannot to get it work by only replacing the obb folder. Any help will be great. Thank you.

  87. Crys says:

    Hi, I had tried and install the APK and obb files. But it seems like it is not working. The gems gets lesser each time I use it. Am I doing it wrong?

  88. Que says:

    Its working but have no unlimited gems on it please help me

  89. Zhegir Barwary says:


  90. THEKLAW30 says:

    Thenks buddies

  91. Xeipy says:

    Got this finally

  92. Awaken says:

    Thanks! This site is genuine

  93. Jack says:

    Not working. Either update or quit. If you update, mod is gone

  94. thanda says:

    not working, nothing unlimited

  95. gov1 says:

    hello. not working. need update

  96. saat says:

    Worked for me

  97. BMS says:

    It shows there’s an update should I do it

  98. Eric Kirsch says:

    Thanks apkwhale guys! I loved this. – WORKED

  99. Jack says:

    Fraud, no unlimited money. All crap and waste of time.

  100. Eric Kirsch says:

    Not working! They just edited my comment 🙁

    • Sorem says:

      Does this still works?

      • Apkwhale says:

        Yes sir

        • Sorem says:

          Nothing seems to be working. Or am I missing a step with the obb files?

        • Sorem says:

          This officially doesn’t work. Installed the app from here then copied the obb into the file and nothing seems to be working. It asked for an in-game update and from there onwards, everything is still vanilla… no changes… just the same as it was before. I tried many modded obbs, they worked well. But this onr just doesn’t…

  101. Eric Kirsch says:

    Apkwhale is scammer. Its just a normal apk and its not give you unlimited gems

  102. Eric Kirsch says:

    All positive comment here that they said working is fake. It is a bot so dont trust this website. Rise of kingdom is server sided game so it can not be modded anytime.

  103. Infantry Monstor says:

    F**k you…. fake information you cant release the MOD for rise of kingdoms… go and beg idiots… f#$* o**

  104. ulas says:

    not work!

  105. Sumit says:

    Everything is unlimited.

  106. QW says:

    working fine sir

  107. KingBatorus says:

    Is this mod work well?

  108. Abdullah says:

    It is fack .. not working. No mode

    • Apkwhale says:

      Check out the latest version sir. We have updated it and now it is working fine for all the devices. Hopefully this will not give you any trouble at all. Enjoy. Thank you.

  109. Salferina Utami says:

    Not work. Can’t open it

  110. Felipe says:


  111. nana says:

    Hi, any updated coming up?

  112. Shin says:

    It didnt work for me. Did i do something wrong?

  113. Kumbaya says:

    How to choose version of game . Im download but not latest version of game

  114. Laghima says:

    Says new version is available to download after launch… 🙁

  115. Madredi says:


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