Manga Rock Premium – Best Manga Reader (Cracked)

Manga Rock is the go-to app for all your manga reading needs!
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January 13, 2018
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Manga Rock Premium – Best Manga Reader (Cracked)

Download The Latest Version of Manga Rock Premium, A Comics App For Android. This Includes Premium Features Unlocked & Much More. Get Your APK Today!

Manga Rock Premium is the go-to app for all of your manga studying wants!

Learn 1000’s of manga titles – top quality photographs & continuously up to date

Uncover new manga, nice authors, or “hidden gems” via our editorial collections & suggestion

Get pleasure from a seamless studying expertise & customize it any method you need.

Obtain any manga again to your machine & learn later without a fixed Web connection

… and plenty of different great delights you’ll uncover within the app.

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What's new

- Fix bug: cannot report content issue, cannot earn or use rock


Premium Features

Premium Features Unlocked

69 comments on "Manga Rock Premium – Best Manga Reader (Cracked)"

  1. Rinal says:

    Please update to get 3.7.0

  2. kawanijo says:

    update 3.7 please, next week 3.6.3 version will not be available on their service anymore,

  3. Deepesh says:

    Can you give me a specific date for 3.7 update please

  4. Ivan says:

    Is it definitive? If it is not, please make it definitive 🙂 🙂 :), and please update this app to version 3.7, the current version will be terminate on December 21, hoping for your reply…

  5. Ivan says:

    And Can you give me a specific date for the uodate of this app, Thanks

  6. Shrijon says:

    Waiting for the 3.7 mod apk …..they are withdrawing support of 3.6.3 in 4 days..pls hurry and thanks for all the effort

  7. Ankit says:

    3.7.3 cracked please they will close server for this version after 2 days.

  8. Sad Feller says:

    Hey, uhmm, I think tomorrow they will shut down the version 3.6.3 Manga Rock, so when can I expect your update? I’m really hoping you will update it sooner this day. Thanks 😭😭😭😭

  9. nurananto says:

    any news on latest version? Tomorrow is the last day they support .6 ver.

  10. Nurarihyon says:

    Hoping to see 3.7 update soon.

  11. Onomatopoeia says:

    Please update it to 3.7.4 thanks because the old version will terminate

  12. Ruuan says:

    Please please update the definitive version, pleeease

  13. JunzSama says:

    New Update Plss ..3.7.4 permium apk mod

  14. Nurarihyon says:

    By the time the modded version is out they would make a new version and discontinue this one lmao

  15. Taichi says:

    Can you guys please update to 3.7.1? The support on the version is gone.

  16. Stevee says:

    Please update to 3.7.4 :))

  17. BanZ says:

    Thank You for all your hard work. Dont worry. I’ll wait for the update.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Please update to definitive 3.7.5 ASAP

  19. Sxun says:

    Please update to version 3.7

  20. No NAME says:

    Well 3.6.3 is already closed.

  21. ann stan says:

    Please update to definitive 3.7.5

  22. Yann says:

    Update to 3.7.5 version please

  23. Anonymous2 says:

    Sorry to keep asking, but its already past new year and there still isn’t an update. The definitive version is already at 3.7.5 currently.

  24. Genkai says:

    3.7. PLEASE…
    They Just Fully Locled Out 3.6.3 From Mangarock.
    Every Manga you Open Now is just The Outdated Version Page.

  25. Genkai says:

    Update 3.7.5 or Just Anything That Works Please.
    3.6.3 No Longer Work’s Every Chapter You Enter is Only 2 Pages and Both Pages are the Outdated Page.
    Please Update Soon. Thank you

  26. kuku says:

    any updates yet?

  27. kuku says:

    3.7.5 update plss!!!!

  28. Max says:

    Please updateeee Its already 2019

  29. Anon says:

    Totally blocked now. Before… you can still read manga with warnings ofc… but now, even reading manga is blocked

  30. Hikigaya 8man says:

    plsss update to 3.7.5 the latest version
    need it badly

  31. plss update to 3.7.5 the latest version sir..

  32. Suppareader says:

    Thank you very much…. Need 3.7.5 mod please.

  33. Nurarihyon says:

    Nothing new?

  34. zianziol says:

    Please 3.7.5 MOD APK asap

  35. Sx says:

    When update 3.7 ????

  36. Monkey D Dragon says:

    Please update already

  37. DragoniX says:

    Please update already

  38. Apkwhale says:


  39. No NAME says:

    Well no website that already update the new version. So i think just wait it and open From the current link to read new chapter.

  40. Copikatdono says:

    I’ll be patiently waiting for thw new version. I’m cheering on you apkwhale!

  41. Non says:

    Please update 😭😭😭😭

  42. Anonymous2 says:

    Well, they just updated it to 3.7.6 so I guess this will be delayed as well. I’ve been making do with the official definitive release but only having 3 slots really gets in the way.

  43. Shrijon says:

    Pray tell me …HAS THEIR SECURITY BEEN SO MUCH UPGRADED IN 3.7 THAT YOU ARE TAKING SUCH A LONG TIME TO MOD THE APK?!?!?…I don’t want to sound ungrateful but this is really getting on my nerves

  44. kuku says:

    Definitive version plsss

  45. Sxun says:

    Please update difinitive version🙏🙏🙏🙏

  46. Hikigaya 8man says:

    your updated app 3.7.5 is what we called failure
    when opening a manga some others manga are saying “this content is available in your country”
    and in the slots only have 3 😑😑😥😥

  47. Dude says:

    This is not definitive. What a shame

  48. Omaewa says:

    the funny thing is, they should’ve cracked the definitive version not the world version. since using the world version some mangas are blocked due to region licensing unlike in definitive.

  49. Noname says:

    can you make it as definitive, I cannot search other mangas that I want…

  50. Mika says:

    Please update manga rock devinitive 3.7.6

  51. BigBoi says:

    Why wouldn’t you just do definitive first? The world version is trash. I dont see why anyone would want the world version…..
    Thanks though

  52. vaysu says:

    Why only have 3 slots for manga? Just asking. I though its cracked??

  53. King Kancer says:

    Stop asking for an update, you’re only bothering APKWHALE. Also MangaRock isn’t the only cracked game that APKWHALE needs to update.

  54. Earthsea says:

    Is the manga rock premium apk the definitive version or the google play version? If its the google play version, when can i expect to see the definitivs version? I’ll be waiting for it!

  55. Heeii says:

    Any news for the latest update fan of yours!!!!!!

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