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Respect Money Power 2 APK
Package ID: com.ostensible.RespectMoneyPower
Latest Version: v1.132
Latest update: 2024-05-15 17:27:37
Requirements: Android
Category: Strategy
Size: 4.87 MB
Tags: Simulation Level Drive
Rating :4.4

Welcome to Respect Money Power 2.Outsmart and outmaneuver cartels, bikers, and rival street gangs, all powered by advanced AI. In this tactical game, you must stay one step ahead of your enemies. Manage your soldiers, upgrade your weapons, and compete for control over the best corners in the city. Use spies to track down your rivals' stash houses and drive-bys to weaken them. Strengthen your defenses with heavy weaponry and plan unexpected raids. But remember, loyalty is everything in this game. Keep an eye on your own men and settle any disputes that arise. Promote your most trusted lieutenants, throw extravagant parties, track down valuable rumors, intimidate snitches, and protect your crew from the heat with crooked lawyers. While RESPECT may have a retro style, don't be fooled - it is an unforgiving simulation of life on the streets where tough decisions must be made. With three difficulty settings and playable cities like 1980's Baltimore, 2010's Albuquerque, and unlockable 1920s Chicago and 1990s Los Angeles, this ad-free, offline, turn-based game has been optimized to have the smallest file size possible.

Features of Respect Money Power 2:

- Rise to the top of the criminal underworld: Show your cunning and ruthlessness to climb the ranks and become the most powerful criminal in the game.

- Three regions and three difficulty settings: Expand your empire and face different challenges in three unique locations with increasing levels of difficulty.

- Advanced AI opponents: Test your strategy against intelligent cartels, bikers, and rival street gangs who will keep you on your toes.

- Tactical gameplay: Stay one step ahead of your enemies by managing your soldiers, upgrading weapons, and strategically securing the best corners of the city.

- Variety of tactics: Utilize spies to uncover stash houses, execute drive-bys to weaken rivals, strengthen your defenses with heavy weaponry, and launch unexpected raids with your toughest soldiers.

- Realistic simulation: Experience the harsh realities of life on the streets, where respect is everything, and betrayal from your own men is a constant threat. Settle disputes, promote lieutenants, throw lavish parties, track down rumors, intimidate snitches, and protect your crew with crooked lawyers.


Respect Money Power 2 offers a thrilling and immersive gaming experience as you navigate the dangerous world of crime. With its retro style, this ad-free, offline, and turn-based game provides hours of addictive gameplay. Challenge yourself on three difficulty settings, conquer multiple cities, and make tough decisions to secure your place as the ultimate gangster. Download now and become the mastermind of your criminal empire.


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    Tons of potential but way too hard even on normal difficulty. I keep winning fights, I raided 2 enemy stashes, and I'm making a lot of cash from hustling and yet my respect keeps going down and more and more people leave my gang. Enemy gangs seem to have endless amounts of soldiers to send my way, there's constant gang attacks that kill or injure all my soldiers, not enough ways to reduce heat, AI has like 100 heavy arms while I only got one offer. It just seems very unbalanced
    2024-05-20 15:01:45
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    I re-downloaded this app because I stopped playing for a while, and to my delight it had had an update, something I had not been sure was going to happen. I'm still trying to play through my first new game with new weapons (Uzis) but so far the game feels a lot more forgiving than it used to be on account of them. I may have to revisit my review but we'll see.
    2024-05-20 06:19:53
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    Actually a great game, thats fun not many ads, and its a great challenge, although sometimes in the late game I often just get bodied by the amount of people the AI has like they dont get arrested or anything. Still fantastic.
    2024-05-20 03:10:58
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    I gave this game 3 stars just because how frustrating it can be, the respect is one of the bad things about this game and just when you lose your soldiers to them not having respect I think the respect idea was absolutely terrible PLEASE take it out I think it will improve this game a lot and make it more possible to come across heavy guns and large arms in the black market and add a bigger map with more gangs that is what would make this game better and add alliances and add more gun types.
    2024-05-20 01:15:30
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    Great strategy and management game. Difficulty gets a little nuts as you progress further. Every enemy soldier is like a panzer and will cut down any number of your heavy armed soldiers. My best was 74,004, and i had to use a now patched glitch to get that.
    2024-05-18 23:42:51
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    Great game does need a lot more features hopefully one day we see a way to declare war/ make a truce with other gangs and even team up with the AI maybe even prison gameplay too would be a fun concept if the main leader you play as gets locked up you could have an option to keep playing as him in prison fighting other gangs for control would be a nice run concept ☺️
    2024-05-17 21:49:33