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Merge Elves

Merge Elves APK
Package ID: com.merge.elves
Latest Version: v2.4.7
Latest update: 2024-04-12 16:06:16
Requirements: Android
Category: Puzzle
Size: 195.04 MB
Tags: Entertainment
Rating :4.4

Enter the enchanting world of Merge Elves Mod APK, where you can experience living among witches, goblins, and magical creatures. Immerse yourself in the captivating stories of a mysterious island, as you embark on a journey to restore the fairy garden. Uncover the tale of a forbidden love between a witch and a human, leading to a vengeful plot and the need to protect a young child. With a wide range of characters, including shape-shifting elves, you'll witness their growth and power as you progress through the game. Collect valuable items to aid you in your quest and build a thriving island. Will you be able to fulfill the challenges that await you? Only time will tell in Merge Elves.

Features of Merge Elves:

- Live in a world of witches and goblins from fairy tales.

- Explore a mysterious island and dive into the virtual world of games.

- Embark on a journey to restore the fairy garden and unravel an ancient story of love and betrayal.

- Encounter diverse and fascinating characters, including shape-shifting elves.

- Develop and strengthen your army of elves to defend your outpost.

- Collect valuable items that serve essential purposes in the game.


Merge Elves Mod APK offers a unique and captivating experience by blending elements of fantasy and strategy. Dive into a world of witches, goblins, and shape-shifting elves as you embark on a journey to restore a magical garden and protect a kidnapped child. With its engaging characters, immersive storyline, and item system, this app offers endless hours of entertainment. Download now and enter the enchanting world of Merge Elves Mod APK.


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    There are a LOT of Merge games, but Merge Elves is one of the best Merge Games out there. I, really enjoy the gameplay and all of the opportunities that help you level up! I love all of the Special Events & I look forward to seeing what comes next!!
    2024-04-15 13:04:03
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    Reasonable game I quite like
    2024-04-15 03:59:04
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    I can't play online after I updated the app
    2024-04-14 23:17:32
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    To much fun.
    2024-04-14 12:26:34
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    This game is so cool
    2024-04-13 17:39:43
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    ||It's Really Fun! Interesting!! And I Enjoy it Very Much!||
    2024-04-13 10:03:44