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Rise of Firstborn

Rise of Firstborn APK
Package ID: com.netmarble.war
Latest Version: v7.10.3
Latest update: 2024-04-12 16:05:36
Requirements: Android
Category: Strategy
Size: 44.06 MB
Tags: Level Combat
Rating :4.4

Rise of Firstborn is an exhilarating strategy and resource management game that will immerse you in the epic quest of building and expanding your own kingdom. As you navigate through the game, you will face fierce adversaries controlled by other players, pushing your strategic skills to the limit. But here's the twist, my friend - when you encounter enemy armies, the controls shift into real-time, adding a thrilling layer of intensity to the gameplay. Fortify your defenses wisely, construct buildings swiftly, and forge powerful armies to defend your strategic positions on the map. While time is of the essence, use your creativity and ingenuity to design heroes and armies that will leave your enemies trembling in fear. Prepare to be blown away by the breathtaking combat system, as you spectate the battles in awe-inspiring 3D graphics. But don't be content with being just a bystander. Take your involvement to the next level by summoning unique special characters to the battlefield and unleashing devastating magic spells that can obliterate entire enemy units with a single stroke.

Features of Rise of Firstborn:

⭐️ Strategy and resource management: The app challenges players to develop and expand their kingdom while managing resources effectively.

⭐️ Real-time controls: Players can face other armies in real-time battles, where speed and quick decision-making are crucial.

⭐️ Similar gameplay mechanics: The app has a familiar gameplay style, where creating buildings and assembling armies quickly is important for progress.

⭐️ Time-based currency: The app emphasizes the importance of time in growing your kingdom, encouraging players to act fast and efficiently.

⭐️ Unique combat system: Unlike other management games, Rise of Firstborn offers an exceptional combat system with real-time battles and stunning 3D visuals.

⭐️ Special characters and magic spells: Players can summon special characters and cast powerful magic spells to turn the tide of battle in their favor.


Rise of Firstborn is not just another management game but stands out with its captivating combat system and immersive gameplay experience. With its real-time battles, stunning visuals, and the opportunity to summon special characters and cast magic spells, Rise of Firstborn will keep players engaged and entertained. Don't miss out on the chance to download and experience this unique strategy and resource management game.


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    Back when the game was fresh it had personality and was fun especially for a mobile game that came out for it's time. Yes don't get me wrong the original version of the game was P2W. However it was for those who were at the very top while lower players got a bunch of free stuff. Nowadays the game is bland and even the battles are extremely generic while the old version they made you feel like you were in the battlefield. The last straw was 900k purchase but the $100 offer only gives 22K gold....
    2024-04-16 18:05:02
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    I've been playing the game for a long time and I love it! But the last few weeks it's been kicking me off constantly and I can't play! This afternoon I've bought a package and the payment was successful even received a email from it although I haven't received my package in the game!!! I can't leave a complaint because I'm being kicked off the game constantly!
    2024-04-16 17:28:49
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    Typical recycled freemium model. But this one honestly took the time to add a lot to it. I suspect it'll hit the point where money is required as they all do (where it takes 1,000 days to complete an upgrade). But it seems like the developer cares a little more about their customer than the other games would have implied.
    2024-04-16 14:38:45
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    I really like the game. I just wish we could have 5 days or a week shields. I keep an eye out for my castle most of the times but there's times I couldn't. I'd get attacked and lost almost all of my RRS that I worked so hard for also could you please combine 4,5 tasks in the Daily TownMode in one bigger task so instead of total you have to complete the daily tasks are 25 tasks. Combine 4,5 tasks in one bigger task so instead of 25 tasks total. We now only have to do 4,5 bigger tasks?
    2024-04-16 09:15:07
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    A lot of good fun things about the game outside the kingdom. Walls should increase and provide defense. wall durability means nothing and it should. Reiforcing should be a defense boost and means nothing. Weeks and months to make troops and without a bubble no defense is the biggest problem of the game.
    2024-04-16 00:49:06
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    The game is quick, battle minded, If you want a war come here, not for the faint hearted or farmville is in the search above. The only 2 issues and ANNOYING things SERIOUSLY 23 days to research a lvl 6 construction are you serious, on War Z that's like level 35 research and 2 says troop training done, on war z again its 8 hours for 3000 troops.. Using war z as an example... This needs some work. Over great game
    2024-04-15 20:05:06