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Moonlight Sculptor: DarkGamer

Moonlight Sculptor: DarkGamer APK
Package ID:
Latest Version: v1.0.130
Latest update: 2024-04-12 15:03:13
Requirements: Android
Category: Role playing
Size: 139.77 MB
Tags: Adventure
Rating :4.0

Step into the shattered world of Moonlight Sculptors, a time of chaos and mystery as the great adventurer Weed has disappeared without a trace. It's up to you to reclaim the supremacy of Versailles! Moonlight Sculptor: DarkGamer brings you an original story that stays true to the setting of the original novel. Get ready for nerve-wracking, thrilling moments as you enter legendary competitions and engage in fierce PVP battles against other users. Win glory on a battlefield without borders as you face off against players from all over the world, vying for the position of the legendary hero. Customize your attack strategy with an array of statues and monster cards, collecting and combining them for endless fun. And don't forget about your cute Buddy, who will join you in your adventures and grow alongside you. Trade on the exchange, collect rare items, and even make money from cooking! The world of Moonlight Sculptor: DarkGamer awaits you. Join now and embark on the ultimate gaming experience!

Features of Moonlight Sculptor: DarkGamer:

- Immersive storyline: Dive into the shattered world of moonlight sculptors and experience a time of chaos and mystery as you try to uncover the reasons behind the disappearance of the great adventurer Weed.

- Thrilling PvP battles: Engage in fierce battles with other users and compete for supremacy in the legendary competition. Experience moments of nervousness and thrill as you strive to achieve your dream victory.

- Global multiplayer battles: Embark on a real sword battle with players from all over the world. Test your skills and win glory on a battlefield without borders. Fight for the coveted position of the legendary hero.

- Customizable attacks: Unleash your own unique attack strategies by utilizing various statues and rare monster cards. Explore the endless fun of collection and combination as you challenge the best characters in the game.

- Cute Buddy system: Join forces with a cute Buddy who will accompany you on your adventures. Explore together and witness your Buddy's growth as you encounter different shapes of weapons.

- Diverse gameplay features: From making money through cooking to collecting and trading various items, the app offers a range of engaging and immersive content. Feel free to trade on the exchange and experience the freedom of exploration.

In conclusion, Moonlight Sculptor: DarkGamer is an exciting and immersive mobile game that offers a captivating storyline, thrilling PvP battles, global multiplayer battles, customizable attacks, a cute Buddy system, and diverse gameplay features. Join the shattered world of moonlight sculptors and embark on a journey filled with adventure, competition, and endless fun. Click the link below to download and start your epic adventure now!


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    2024-04-16 08:51:44
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    it a good game but, no MP Potion? Dev u good? can u imagine Kirito running out of mana when he fighting a boss monster? uninstall the game, bye
    2024-04-16 00:55:40
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    Suddenly disconnect from server and can't relogin with google, stuck in auth progress
    2024-04-15 14:24:09
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    I give 5 stars because I have high hopes for this game and the developer, keep improving!
    2024-04-15 12:23:38
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    The system are broken as the support tech. Bug, bot, cheat, even worse False banning
    2024-04-15 07:27:09
  • avatar
    Waste of time of game accusing some players that they are bots when actually the game is offering auto gaming options.. not worth playing dont waste your money in this game there is a chance you will be randomly be restricted and lost your account accusing without concrete evidence that your a bot or using hacking tool.. stupid dev team!!! -0stars if possible!!
    2024-04-14 15:54:35