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Call of War - WW2 Strategy Game

Call of War - WW2 Strategy Game APK
Package ID: com.bytro.callofwar1942
Latest Version: v0.184
Latest update: 2024-04-11 13:58:17
Requirements: Android
Category: Strategy
Size: 79.81 MB
Tags: War
Rating :4.4

Immerse yourself in the chaos and strategy of the second world war with Call of War - WW2 Strategy Game. Step into the shoes of a commander and lead your troops to victory as you protect your territories and conquer enemy zones. Choose a nation and deploy your defense mechanisms across their territories, managing your weaponry, soldiers, and war vehicles along the way. Be prepared for rivals to challenge your authority and fight back with your best strategies, utilizing tanks, soldiers, and weapons to defend what's rightfully yours. With thrilling air battles and the power to launch nuclear bombs, this game will truly transport you to the epic battlefield of World War II.

Features of Call of War - WW2 Strategy Game:

* Immersive World War II setting: Step into the historical conflict of World War II and experience the intensity of war strategy firsthand.

* Nation selection: Choose your nation and deploy your defense mechanisms in each territory, strategizing to protect and expand your holdings.

* Manage troops and weaponry: Take control of your soldiers, war vehicles, and weapons, effectively managing each aspect of your military for victory.

* Earn coins and rewards: Control each situation and earn coins, which can be invested in acquiring new rewards and enhancing your resources.

* Strategic gameplay: With rival nations ready to conquer your territories, devise your best strategy to defend your cities and achieve victory.

* Thrilling air battles and nuclear bomb launches: Participate in epic air battles and unleash the devastating power of nuclear bombs for a truly exhilarating experience.


Dive into the immersive world of Call of War - WW2 Strategy Game and experience the intensity and thrill of World War II strategy. Choose your nation, manage troops and weaponry, earn rewards, and defend your territories in thrilling air battles. With this app, you can become the ultimate commander and lead your nation to victory. Click to download now and embark on your epic war journey!


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    Support doesn't help. Still hasn't answered my request to fix gold issues and it's been 5 days now. Great game but the staff needs help.
    2024-04-17 06:00:38
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    kinda wish you could play any map at any level instead of leveling up to level 17 to unlock the ww2 map. Also should make Greece and Iraq playable countries or any country that has 4 cities or more
    2024-04-17 02:09:40
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    all in all a fun game. fun to casually hop on and play when bored. only problem ive had is that a 2 unit troop annihilated my 10 unit troop but its only happened once
    2024-04-15 03:43:34
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    I love the game it is very strategic and fun only thing is I remember playing this game and it like zooming in and showing a short battle part but it is not in it anymore either way overall a great game
    2024-04-14 16:53:51
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    Pay to win thats what this game is and it makes it unfair for other players that don' t use money that needs to be fixed the ads with bonuses are not enough
    2024-04-14 13:33:01
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    really good game but I wish that thay would let you use older stuff like if I have a level 5 troop but I want to produce a level 1, 2, 3, or 4 that would be Asome and Apreaciated.
    2024-04-13 08:23:32