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Narcos: Cartel Wars & Strategy

Narcos: Cartel Wars & Strategy APK
Package ID: com.ftxgames.narcos
Latest Version: v1.47.00
Latest update: 2024-04-10 14:52:32
Requirements: Android
Category: Strategy
Size: 132.14 MB
Rating :4.2

Step into the thrilling world of Narcos: Cartel Wars & Strategy game that lets you become the powerful leader of your own cartel. In Narcos: Cartel Wars & Strategy, you must destroy your enemies and rise to the top as the Capo. Will you lead with raw power or earn respect through loyalty? Learn from drug lord El Patron himself and manage your "relationship" with the authorities through agents Murphy and Pena. Recruit and build your team of sicarios to defend your base, wage war against other cartels, and profit by developing your operation. Form alliances with other players and dominate the drug trade. Get ready to make money and seize power in this addictive game.

Features of Narcos: Cartel Wars & Strategy:

⭐️ Strategy and war: Destroy your enemies and become a powerful Capo - the leader of your own cartel.

⭐️ Base building: Step into the role of cartel kingpin and build your empire.

⭐️ Choose your approach: Decide between leading through raw power or gathering respect through loyalty.

⭐️ Learn from the best: Learn the ropes of running an operation from drug lord El Patron and manage your "relationship" with the authorities.

⭐️ Recruit and build: Hire sicarios and build defenses to protect your base and increase production.

⭐️ Form cartels and dominate: Team up with other players to form cartels and lay siege to enemy compounds in multi-day campaigns.


Enter the dangerous and thrilling world of Narcos: Cartel Wars & Strategy and become a powerful cartel leader. Destroy your enemies, build your empire, and choose your own path to success. Recruit loyal sicarios, develop your operation, and team up with others to dominate the game. Will you lead with power or loyalty? Download now and experience the ultimate strategy and war game based on the hit television show NARCOS.


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    this game is pretty good and addictive my only complain is that when you go in attack mode u dont have full control of the fighters. you can control them then wait for like 10 seconds to control them again while they are getting killed shooting at objects that arents shooting at them. it's really frustrating it's like the soldiers are stupid they sit there and attack a building instead of a tower shooting at them. please fix this
    2024-04-14 21:28:32
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    Cant even play anymore. Played for nearly a year. Now, since the updates, i cant even play. I'm lvl 47, i only get lvl 50 or higher to attack and cant. When i beat a small outpost, i get raid 8-10 times at night. Last 2 weeks game has been going backwards. Im losing more than i can win. Challenges reset back to 0 every time i do something. They have cranked the bias meter to the max. My friend in same cartel wins everything. Its a different game for him. Pays better and he gets better rewards.
    2024-04-14 03:08:13
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    This might be the best game i have ever played. The one thing i wish the developers add is more gamemodes independent of attacking other players and enemy outposts. A game mode like raid that is completely new and refreshing. I wish there is a gamemode where you have to defend your base against endless waves of enemies. Difficulty and rewards increases as the level gets higher. The possibilities are endless.
    2024-04-14 00:39:51
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    The game is very well made, but your base is easily captured by the enemy when attacking! Even though I updated all the defense equipment and placed it in the best place, the enemy attacks easily and destroys my base without the slightest damage! Generally, in this game, more attention is paid to offensive items than defensive ones
    2024-04-13 21:36:49
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    personal opinion:this game can be VERY unfair to people who dont have real money to spend on the game. there are certain players who are at same level with me or even a lower level and they are unbeatable because they spend real money on the game and I'm unable to. things like gold and silver chest and even or addition builder cost ALOT of gold. and gold is VERY hard to come by. I think they should lower the cost. that's unfair/selfish. I can only attack enemy outposts now. and not real players
    2024-04-13 21:12:55
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    Perhaps a 1 star review will get FTX to actually do something about some bugs. I read through the forum to find the same question posed by others a year ago and zero response. When changing skill slot colour with Dice, the colour goes from red to blue and back again with no green at all. I know it CAN change as it has with other Sicarios. Edit: FTX responds to all with the which doesn't gives an error message. LMAO. great job. Morons.
    2024-04-13 01:45:43