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Rest Poker : Casino Card Games

Rest Poker : Casino Card Games APK
Package ID: com.RestPlay.RestPoker
Latest Version: v4.072
Latest update: 2024-04-10 14:48:39
Developer: RestPlay
Requirements: Android
Category: Card
Size: 120.53 MB
Rating :4.1

Rest Poker is an exciting mobile app that offers a variety of casino card games for avid poker players. With its latest version, users can enjoy Texas Holdem Poker and other popular modes such as Omaha, Trio Poker, and BlackJack. The app provides a realistic and immersive gaming experience with millions of free chips, daily rewards, and online poker tournaments. Players can also participate in the Easter Bunny Bounty event, where they can earn chips and special bonuses. With the option to play with real players from around the world or invite friends to join, Rest Poker guarantees endless fun and challenges. Download now and become a poker legend!

Features of Rest Poker : Casino Card Games:

- Multiple Poker Modes: Enjoy a variety of poker modes including Texas Holdem, Omaha, Trio Poker, and more. Choose your favorite mode and play with real poker players.

- Free Chips and Bonuses: Get 1,000,000 free poker chips when you download the app. Earn daily rewards, spin the wheel for a chance to win millions of chips, and activate the Golden Spin for 200x rewards.

- Easter Bunny Bounty Event: Celebrate Easter with a fun and adventurous event. Guide the Easter Bunny to earn poker chips, golds, and multipliers. Crack open eggs for additional rewards.

- ChipBox and SuperBox: Collect rewards every day with the ChipBox. Get 15% of the chips you win and receive your rewards after 24 hours. Double your chip rewards with the SuperBox.

- New Album: Sporting Journeys: Complete 20 different collections of popular sports cards and win huge prizes. Earn billions of chips and enjoy specially designed profile objects.

- Play with Friends: Invite your friends to play at the same table and showcase your poker skills. Participate in Sit&Go Trophies and poker tournaments to become a legendary player.


Rest Poker offers a thrilling and immersive poker experience with a wide range of modes to choose from. With the ability to play with real poker players and earn free chips and bonuses, this app provides endless entertainment. The special Easter Bunny Bounty event and the opportunity to complete sports card collections add even more excitement. Collect daily rewards with the ChipBox and double your rewards with the SuperBox. Invite friends to play together and show off your skills in Sit&Go Trophies and poker tournaments. Download Rest Poker now and start your journey to becoming a legendary poker player.


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    This game is like every other you win in the beginning. But even if you spend some money you still won't win I've sat at tables for over an hour playing to win and the same BOTS win almost every hand regardless of there pocket cards for example I've never won a hand with A, K as my hole cards yet bots win with 7, 2 almost every time. I have lost with pocket Aces 75% of the time. This is the last holdem app I will ever download I am done trying. They are all loser apps in my mind. PROVE ME WRONG
    2024-04-15 02:32:50
  • avatar
    think this game is wonderful I think you guys try it I've got some good really good vibes off it let's try let's win some money let's get some money to get the money
    2024-04-14 17:21:33
  • avatar
    I like this game, it's pretty fun. What I don't like is for the game modes, only having trio and flush EVERY day. When I first started playing this games, it was changed every day. Over the past month, it's only trio and flush. Please fix this.
    2024-04-14 11:25:51
  • avatar
    Too many rivered saves. Sukouts on this app tell a story all on its own. Researching the players, it's obvious the Turkish players win 8 out of every 10 hands, regardless. This app is not legitimately made and the developers can say what they wish. Those of us who really do know poker can see this.
    2024-04-14 09:40:52
  • avatar
    Worst poker game ever, I lost 100 million chips in 7 hours, I thought playtika made the worst poker games in existence, I have just been proven wrong, THIS IS THE WORST POKER GAME EVER & not to mention all the ads you have to watch to get more chips just to lose them again & this game is so predictable, every time I flopped a straight, someone else goes runner runner to make a full house.
    2024-04-14 08:07:12
  • avatar
    Don't get this game, it's designed to frustrate you not to teach you to play.
    2024-04-12 21:00:28