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Teen Titans GO Figure Mod

Teen Titans GO Figure Mod APK
Package ID: com.turner.ttgfigures2
Latest Version: v1.1.10
Latest update: 2024-04-10 14:49:44
Developer: Cartoon Network
Requirements: Android
Category: Role playing
Size: 418.03 MB
Rating :4.4

Welcome to the thrilling world of Teen Titans GO Figure Mod! Step into the shoes of your favorite animated superheroes and join the Teen Titans in their mission to fight evil and protect Titan City. Developed in collaboration with Cartoon Network, this action-packed game offers an immersive experience filled with collectible heroes, dynamic battles, and the excitement of exploring Jump City. Build your dream team of over 77 unique characters, each with their own special attacks and battle styles. Master the art of strategy and action as you engage in real-time battles and switch between your three-character squad. Explore the vibrant city, complete side quests, and uncover hidden secrets. With stunning visuals, punchy sound effects, and the original voice cast from the Teen Titans GO! series, you'll feel like a true hero in this epic adventure. And with the Mod feature, you have unlimited access to resources and currencies, allowing you to fully enjoy the game without any constraints. Get ready to embark on a hero's journey in Jump City like never before!

Features of Teen Titans GO Figure Mod:

> A vast collection of over 77 unique and collectible heroes, each with their own special abilities and fighting styles.

> Exciting real-time battles that require a combination of reflexes and strategic thinking.

> A vibrant and dynamic city to explore, filled with side quests, hidden secrets, and challenging villains.

> Immersive sound effects and background music that captures the humor and action of the original TV series.

> The inclusion of the original voice cast from the Teen Titans GO! series, bringing the characters to life during battles and interactions.

> The game-changing "Mod" feature that grants unlimited resources and currencies, allowing players to focus on building the ultimate team and experiencing everything the game has to offer.


With a wide variety of collectible heroes, intense battles, and a vibrant city to explore, Teen Titans GO Figure Mod is an immersive and action-packed game that will keep players engaged for hours. The inclusion of the original voice cast and unlimited resources through the "Mod" feature adds an extra layer of authenticity and freedom that sets it apart from other games. Download now and unleash your inner hero!


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    an overall great game. as for lagging i only lagged out of this game twice, but now i dont lag at all. i love teen titans so i had to buy this game. its fun 3 vs 3 battles, great characters from the titans series and easy and hard quests for us hardcore gamers.
    2024-04-15 03:47:55
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    I love really love this game but the multiplayer doesn't work for me. I kept waiting for long time, but nothing works. That also goes for the LAN multiplayer and for adding friends. Other than that, it's a very great game.
    2024-04-14 17:14:16
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    This is my favorite mobile game but I can't decide to restart it or to continue because I have got very far I have 41 level 20 characters and have beaten ever thing. I want to restart because now the game is boring. Please tell me what u think I should do. I totally recommend it tho both 1 and 2
    2024-04-14 02:45:45
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    Don't waste your money. While it is a fun game, there is no way to get your data to a new phone. Even copying "data" and "obb" files do not bring your progress back. Unless they make that possible, it makes putting any kind of commitment and money into it sadly worthless
    2024-04-12 16:01:57
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    This is a great game, but I have a suggestion. Can you add making an account to the game, so that I can save my progress to an account and sign in if I lose my progress or use a different device to get my progress back.
    2024-04-12 06:18:56
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    The game is awesome but sometimes there might be glitches like the last time i played this game as i was in gotham city i couldn't exit i tried to but i just stayed in the store and the walking is stiff sometimes i stop but the game dosen't let me but overall its a great game but with to many bugs
    2024-04-12 02:35:25