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Trix 3ala Rasi APK
Package ID: com.maysalward.trix3alarasi
Latest Version: v3.3.4
Latest update: 2024-04-10 13:37:59
Developer: Maysalward
Requirements: Android
Category: Card
Size: 51.54 MB
Rating :4.1

Trix 3ala Rasi is a captivating and exciting card game app that combines intelligence and luck. With this app, you can enjoy the popular Trix game with your favorite 3ala Rasi characters including 3awad Abu Sheifeh, Abu Samrah, and Jaber from Kharabeesh. The game offers both Trix Kingdom and Complex modes, providing a variety of gameplay options. Whether you prefer the King of Hearts, Diamonds, or Girls contracts, or enjoy completing the order of cards on the table, this app has it all. Download 3ala Rasi Trix now for free and experience the best trick-taking game on Google Play. Don't forget to give it a 5-star rating to support future updates.

Features of Trix 3ala Rasi:

* Play with favorite characters: Enjoy playing Trix with beloved characters such as 3awad Abu Sheifeh, Abu Samrah, and Jaber from Kharabeesh. This adds a fun and familiar element to the game.

* Two game modes: The app offers both Trix Kingdom and Complex game modes. This allows players to choose the style of gameplay they prefer, catering to different preferences and levels of experience.

* Free download: The app is completely free to download, providing access to a high-quality trick-taking game without any cost. Users can enjoy the game without having to worry about making any payments.

* Five exciting contracts: The game includes five different contracts, providing a variety of challenges and strategies. From King of Hearts to Collections to Trex, there are plenty of options to keep players engaged and entertained.

* Strategic and luck-based gameplay: Trix is a game that combines intelligence and luck, making it both challenging and exciting. Players must strategize and rely on their skills to win, adding a layer of competitiveness to the experience.

* Detailed instructions: For those who are new to the game or need a refresher, the app provides detailed instructions on how to play Trix. This ensures that players of all levels can easily understand the rules and fully enjoy the game.

In conclusion, Trix 3ala Rasi is a free and feature-packed app that offers a unique twist on the classic card game. With beloved characters, different game modes, a range of contracts, and detailed instructions, users can enjoy an engaging and strategic gameplay experience. Click now to download and start playing!


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