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Flutter: Starlight

Flutter: Starlight APK
Package ID: com.runawayplay.starlight
Latest Version: v2.204
Latest update: 2024-04-09 14:20:01
Requirements: Android
Category: Strategy
Size: 177.28 MB
Rating :4.1

In the enchanting world of Flutter: Starlight, you are tasked with creating a sanctuary for butterflies and moths to flourish. Starting with a small patch of the forest, you must provide nourishment for the larvae and watch them transform into stunning butterflies. As your collection grows, you can merge them to unlock their true magnificence. Need more space? Clear parts of the forest by earning money through helping your butterflies fly and feed. Along the way, you will also maintain an entomologist notebook, documenting the species you encounter. With each new discovery, you will be rewarded with gifts to decorate your tranquil haven. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of nature while learning fascinating facts about these delicate creatures in this breathtaking strategy game.

Features of Flutter: Starlight:

* Create the perfect environment: Users are tasked with creating the perfect environment for attracting and raising butterflies and moths of all kinds and colors.

* Grow butterflies from larva: Users start with a small area in the forest where they can grow butterflies. They need to find leaves to feed the larvae and plant flowers for them to pollinate.

* Transform larvae into butterflies: Once the larvae are well-fed, they will transform into beautiful butterflies. Users need to continue looking after them.

* Combine butterflies for maximum splendor: When there are several butterflies of the same kind, users can combine them to reach their maximum splendor.

* Expand the forest: Users can clear parts of the forest to make more space, but they will need money to do so.

* Explore and learn: Users have an entomologist notebook to keep track of species, lifecycles, and other interesting information. Discovering new species will also earn them gifts to decorate their corner of the forest.

In conclusion, Flutter: Starlight is a visually stunning and relaxing strategy game that allows users to create a beautiful environment for butterflies and learn about their world. With addictive gameplay and a range of features, users can enjoy the game while expanding their butterfly knowledge. Click here to download and start your journey into the marvelous world of butterflies.


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