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Airline Manager 4

Airline Manager 4 APK
Package ID: dk.xombat.airlinemanager4
Latest Version: v2.7.9
Latest update: 2024-04-09 14:19:41
Requirements: Android
Category: Strategy
Size: 26.70 MB
Rating :4.2

In Airline Manager 4, you become the mastermind behind a successful airline, taking on the challenge of managing every aspect of its operations. From purchasing aircraft and fuel to creating strategic routes and implementing marketing campaigns, you'll have your hands full. Starting with just one plane, you'll have to gradually expand your fleet by acquiring over 350 different models. Real-time tracking allows you to monitor your flights on a map, providing valuable insights into the thousands of airports available for your journeys. With the pressure of maximizing profits and making efficient decisions, you'll experience the exhilaration of a real-life airline manager. Can you build an empire from just one plane?

Features of Airline Manager 4:

❤️ Airline Management: In this app, you can become the manager of a popular airline and make strategic decisions to grow and expand your business.

❤️ Aircraft Customization: You can start with one airplane and gradually buy other aircraft from the market, choosing from over 350 models, allowing you to create a diverse fleet.

❤️ Route Planning: To ensure profitable flights, you must create the most economical routes. Consider factors such as distance between airports and fuel required for optimum decision making.

❤️ Real-time Flight Tracking: You can track your flights in real-time on the map, providing you with an almost exact idea of the 4000+ real-life airports available for your journeys.

❤️ Marketing Campaigns: As a manager, you'll have the opportunity to carry out marketing campaigns to attract more passengers and increase your airline's visibility and revenue.

❤️ Adrenaline Rush: Experience the adrenaline of a real-life airline manager as you start with just one airplane and build up your airline empire.

In conclusion, Airline Manager 4 is an exciting strategy game that allows you to experience the thrill of managing and growing your own airline. With features such as aircraft customization, route planning, real-time flight tracking, and the ability to carry out marketing campaigns, this app provides an immersive and engaging experience. Whether you're a fan of aviation or strategic games, Airline Manager 4 will keep you hooked as you aim to build a successful airline from scratch. Click here to download now and embark on your airline management adventure!


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    Really good but ya all know that there is always a problems so the problem is that if you don't play it for a long time you go in debt
    2024-04-14 05:27:37
  • avatar
    What a worthless game, how do I enjoy it if i can not play the game? A good game should be playable. What a wast of time energy and data. If it was possible, i would have rate this game zero star. Mr developer, i think that you have to go back on the drawing board, to perfect you Skil and talent. What a wast of my previous time.
    2024-04-13 18:49:34
  • avatar
    Over all, nice little game. No PvP worries, no need to spend any money on the game if you don't want to (although the occasional small purchase helps). Nice little way to kill some time. My only criticism is there is no where that I have found to leave suggestions to the development team for improvements in the game
    2024-04-13 16:12:28
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    It's a fun game and not focused on pay to win. It's different than other airline tycoon games, it'll have you researching, reading and some math, so if point and click is your thing then this isn't for you. I recommend reading the member forum first thing to save yourself from wasting time. I wish the game wasn't on UTC time and allowed us to switch time zones so we can operate airlines on our local 24 hour period. The game can be played without purchasing anything.
    2024-04-12 09:35:31
  • avatar
    yes its a good game but it still has bugs when you want to get quick money via departing theres a bug said bug forces you to go to the other things like in fight its not that bad but still noteable also if you are in place with many wifi sig or bad wifi you cant buy planes like i whated to buy a 737 max 9 and it wouldn,t say it was bought in car and mall/bad sig place so when you want to buy plane buy it in good wifi so you can do a go flight sum.So this game is good but has some bugs so be care
    2024-04-11 23:03:56
  • avatar
    I like the game so much that it can sleep until the flights are done, when wake up, the flights are completed. I wish if you could see like the outside view and the cockpit view and others, however, the game knows every language and other stuff. thank you for creating this game!
    2024-04-11 19:16:23