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Elvenar - Fantasy Kingdom

Elvenar - Fantasy Kingdom APK
Package ID: com.innogames.elvenar
Latest Version: v1.195.0
Latest update: 2024-04-08 15:00:18
Requirements: Android
Category: Strategy
Size: 229.14 MB
Rating :4.0

Welcome to Elvenar, the enchanting app where you can create the city of your dreams. Immerse yourself in a world of magic and mystery as you choose between elves and humans to build a beautiful, fantasy realm. With endless possibilities, you'll gather resources, trade with other players, and unlock ancient technologies to advance your city. Whether you prefer a whimsical paradise or a well-organized metropolis, Elvenar allows you to design a home for delightful creatures like dwarves, fairies, and dragons. Join the active community and explore new provinces to expand your city. Download Elvenar now and let your imagination soar!

Features of Elvenar - Fantasy Kingdom:

⭐️ Choose between elves and humans to build your fantasy city.

⭐️ Quick and easy city building with a friendly introduction.

⭐️ Explore new provinces to expand your city and discover a world of magic and mystery.

⭐️ Trade goods and resources with friends and merchants in the marketplace.

⭐️ Upgrade buildings to supply your growing population and advance your civilization.

⭐️ Create a home for various charming fantasy races like dwarves, fairies, and dragons.


Build the city of your dreams in the magical world of Elvenar! Whether you want to create a whimsical paradise or a well-organized metropolis, this app offers a visually stunning and immersive experience. Choose your race, start building instantly, and explore new provinces to expand your realm. Trade with friends and merchants to acquire valuable resources, and upgrade buildings to supply your growing population. Welcome new creatures and create a diverse home for dwarves, fairies, dragons, and more. Download Elvenar for free and enjoy the enchanting world of fantasy on your mobile, tablet, or PC. Join the active community and let your imagination run wild in this captivating city-builder game.


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    This game is awesome! been playing it for a while now and i love it. The only problem with it is when you wanna rearrange your village, you cant put things.. "away"? like, in an inventory or smth. this makes rearranging so difficult because you cant temporarily get rid of buildings and have tk move them around. its tiresome! this is my only complaint about it.. other than this, its a good game :]
    2024-04-12 13:47:49
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    Good game ... Eventually grinds to a halt . Events are good fun at first but eventually you need masses of space to fit the rewards , so rewards become useless therefore events lose there fun. Similar issues with research which at higher levels requires special items , therefore more buildings , therefore more space needed . Space is available as a premium option but is expensive for what it is . Great for first couple of months no real long term potential imho .
    2024-04-12 05:54:36
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    I have played the game since 2018 and enjoy it! It is a slow game that keeps the brain cells working !much thought and planning is needed ! You need a lot of patience tho to stick with the long game!
    2024-04-12 02:08:32
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    Started a few years ago- great entertainment. The higher the level the more challenging. Making ingredients has become obnoxious once you reach the element level. Making things to create the next level of ingredients.... it's why I quit Farmville. Spend hours/full day on one type of ingredients so you can make the next level of goods that take another full day. The rewards have gotten lame. The fellowship adventures were great when j started, awesome rewards. Over time the rewards went down.
    2024-04-11 17:38:12
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    DON'T PAY this appalling, untrustworthy company. For the 2nd time, Innogames has forced out its mostly unprofitable long-term loyal players, in favour of more spending-inclined newbies, by fundamentally rewriting the game and thus Noneifying the years of time & effort invested (and/or hundreds or even thousands spent) by many. In 2020, the Tournaments were Inno's profiteering focus; this time it's Ancient Wonders, an essential ~ and now largely pay-dependent ~ core game feature. ZERO STARS.
    2024-04-10 14:07:16
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    I love this game and have played it on our computer for years. Recently decided to download the app on my phone and play from there and everything was great for a couple of months until recently. When opening the app, the screen is stuck on the opening page and will not go to the game. I have uninstalled and re-uploaded the game with no success. Very frustrating and I'm glad with these kinds of issues that I didn't use money on this app then not be able to access the game.
    2024-04-10 11:45:57