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Touhou LostWord APK
Package ID: jp.goodsmile.touhoulostwordglobal_android
Latest Version: v1.26.0
Latest update: 2024-04-07 15:30:54
Requirements: Android
Category: Role playing
Size: 86.87 MB
Rating :4.5

Step into the enchanting world of Gensokyo with Touhou LostWord, an immersive RPG that will captivate you from the first battle. Prepare to be amazed by the breathtaking 2D graphics that bring the diverse cast of characters to life, accompanied by a soundtrack filled with iconic melodies that will transport you to another realm. Engage in exhilarating card-based combat, strategically selecting your heroes' attacks to triumph over foes and unravel the mysteries within. Progress through epic challenges, unlocking new characters and mastering devastating combos. Flex your tactical prowess, assemble a formidable team, and embrace the thrilling chaos of Touhou LostWord.

Features of Touhou LostWord:

> Witness amazing magical fights between characters with unique abilities.

> Engage in card-based combats and explore the enchanting Gensokyo universe.

> Enjoy striking 2D graphics and a soundtrack filled with well-known songs.

> Select different character cards to choose the hero for each turn in battle.

> Confront challenging level bosses and fight tooth and nail for victory.

> Unlock a large cast of characters to create well-balanced teams and unleash special attack combos.


Touhou LostWord offers an exhilarating RPG experience with its captivating magical battles and immersive gameplay. Its stunning graphics and powerful soundtrack make each game feel truly dynamic. With a vast selection of characters to unlock and customize, you can form strategic teams to overcome even the toughest adversaries. Download Touhou LostWord now and embark on an adventure filled with mystery, combat, and magical wonders.


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    The game is really nice, and even better in terms of trying to tell its storyline. They got nearly all the characters in character in terms of their personality, it's a shame that people tend to skip stories in mobile games though. Not the best visuals, but it is a visual novel kind, when telling it's story. One gripe I can make of the game though, it that the choice really barely matters. They will end up saying the same thing, no matter what you choose. Not even a slight addition or different.
    2024-04-11 12:34:07
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    Story, art, and music are phenomenal (with the latter being actual doujin music, so it's all top notch). However, outside of that the game just isn't engaging, and the drop rates for upgrade items can be awful. UI is confusing and there are multiple things that should be easier to see in-battle, including your own characters' resistances/weaknesses (rather than just the enemy's), bullet types, and HP bars while attacking. Battles can get formulaic.
    2024-04-11 07:39:08
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    It was a great game tbh, the art style, music, and abilities of every characters are really cool. However, it can be quite buggy, for I tried using the option to praying 10x because I felt like doing one it, and then my game crashed. Because the loading screen took a lot long to load, even took me an hour now, with no choice in mind, I decided to refresh the game. The game didn't function anymore when I decided to go back in game, from the title screen again. It won't work anymore when I play it
    2024-04-10 19:39:02
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    As a player from the beginning, the game itself has evolved, although hard to say for the better or worse. While still having interesting concepts, it seems like a one and done ordeal without expanding. I feel as if they dish out more characters (currently with 0 purpose) rather than focusing on the story. That's not to say what they have provided isn't good. For a mobile game it's alright, especially for Touhou. I personally wish they'd listen to fan feedback more often though.
    2024-04-10 15:42:04
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    This game is great. It's very fun and addicting. I have grinded in this game for hours a day and I lost all my progress. When I open touhou lost word the screen will just go white. I tried restarting and force stopping the app but it didn't work. I have very powerful characters there and rare limited too. I don't want to lose my progress because of a bug Please add a way to retrieve progress or data transfer. I hope you make data transfer by email (example : transfer codes) because I can't acces
    2024-04-09 20:59:02
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    TLDR: story and gameplay great! UI and summon rates need adjusting. I have enjoyed it so far. The odds for getting friends is a little low, but not so insane that it's impossible (I got two in one summon so I might just be lucky). The game does have difficulty spikes, but they aren't so insane that you need to grind for days just to beat it. The UI is a bit complicated for beginners, and the bullet types make it even harder to understand. But the overall story and gameplay makes up for it to me.
    2024-04-09 18:08:15