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Kings Cup Cast

Kings Cup Cast APK
Package ID: com.expandedlabs.kingscupcast
Latest Version: v1.4.36
Latest update: 2024-04-03 09:24:51
Requirements: Android
Category: Card
Size: 5.60 MB
Rating :4.3

Introducing Kings Cup Cast, the ultimate drinking game app for the tech-savvy party animals out there! With this app, you can take your love for drinking games to a whole new level by playing Kings Cup on your big HDTV through your Chromecast. Say goodbye to small cards and hello to glorious HD visuals! Whether you know this game as Circle of Death, Kings, Donut, Oval of Fire, or Ring of Fire, you're in for a wild ride. Want to make it even crazier? Customize the cards and show your friends who's boss! And hey, if you feel like punching someone in the throat during a waterfall, we won't judge. So gather your friends, grab some drinks, and let the good times flow. Try Kings Cup Cast now and let the drinking festivities begin!

Features of Kings Cup Cast:

* Play on your HDTV: Experience the thrill of playing Kings Cup on a big screen through your TV and Chromecast.

* High-definition cards: Enjoy seeing large and vibrant cards that make the game even more exciting.

* Customize your game: Add custom cards to make it more personalized and unique.

* Edit existing cards: Modify preexisting cards to suit your level of boldness and intensity.

* Interactive gameplay: Engage in fun and hilarious activities like waterfall, where you can even punch the person who finishes their cup (optional, of course).

* Easy communication: Reach out to the app developers for any questions, suggestions, or to show off how special you are.


Get ready for a wild and entertaining night with Kings Cup Cast! Take your drinking game experience to the next level by playing on your HDTV and enjoying the stunning visuals of the high-definition cards. Whether you want to customize the game with your own cards or add some extra excitement with interactive activities, this app has got you covered. So gather your friends, grab some drinks, and get ready to have a blast with Kings Cup Cast!


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  • avatar
    App is very easy to use! Cool graphics on it as well. You can hook it up to your TV so everyone playing the game can see the cards!
    2024-04-09 00:12:59
  • avatar
    Great drinking games on google chromecast
    2024-04-08 10:41:15
  • avatar
    This app is awesome! Being able to cast it onto my TV makes it easy for a big crowd to play king's cup! No more losing when seven heaven comes up because I don't need to cram in to see what card was dealt on the table. Fun fun fun!
    2024-04-07 09:18:23
  • avatar
    There must be instructions for those who don't know what's going in this game.
    2024-04-07 06:23:31
  • avatar
    Why isn't this more popular?! Playing kings cup on chromecast makes so much more sense especially when ur with a big crowd. I stumbled along this app cuz I could never remember the rules for the game.. what I love is that you can edit the cards and make the game your own! which in all honesty is what makes kings cup funner. Repped. Btw it gives you a fun prompt when ending the game. Works well on my HTC M8
    2024-04-06 16:55:32
  • avatar
    My suggestions were included, Yay! 1) The description now appears with the card drawn... No extra clicking/explaining. 2) A confirmation screen now appears when exiting. Huuuuuge thanks to development team... Brilliant app and great responsiveness!
    2024-04-06 11:01:37