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Latest Version: v4.30.1
Latest update: 2024-04-03 09:24:56
Requirements: Android
Category: Role playing
Size: 45.10 MB
Rating :4.1

Discover the enchanting world of My Candy Love - Episode, a captivating dating/romance game that puts you in control of your own love story. With three interconnected otome games wrapped into one, as well as a thriving community of over 9 million players, this app offers a truly unique and immersive experience. As new episodes are regularly released, you'll have endless opportunities to collect stunning outfits and illustrations, participate in exciting events, and dive into a passionate love story with your crush. Whether you choose to navigate the complexities of high school, university, or the working world, it allows you to shape your destiny and find your perfect match.

Features of My Candy Love - Episode:

- Unique Love Story: The app allows you to create your own unique love story by adapting the scenario entirely to your choices.

- Episode-Based Gameplay: With over 60 episodes available, new episodes are released regularly, ensuring a continuous and engaging gaming experience.

- Multiple Universes: Choose between three different universes - high school, university, or the working world, providing varied settings for your romance.

- Diverse Characters: Meet a range of dashing and unique boys, each with their own personalities and backgrounds, and decide who you want to fall in love with.

- Personalization: Customize your avatar with hundreds of clothes, obtained in the episodes, shop, or special events to create a unique style.

- Regular Events: Participate in colorful events several times a year, play exclusive mini-games, and unlock original outfits and illustrations.


Experience the thrill of a dating sim game like never before with My Candy Love - Episode. Create your own love story by making choices that shape the outcome and enjoy a variety of settings and characters. With regular updates and events, there's always something new to explore. Personalize your avatar and unlock stunning illustrations to mark special moments in your story. Download My Candy Love now and embark on a passionate and unforgettable adventure!


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  • avatar
    You get 5 gold when you login daily. The wardrobe items are 40, 80, 100, 200+ cost in gold. You can't move on without gold. So you either wait forever to save up a ton of gold or you have to purchase it. Then the game restarts every 5-10 minutes. I would keepthe game if that gold thing wasnt there. There's definitely some pressure to purchase our you'll never progress in the story. Uninstalling.
    2024-04-09 11:00:39
  • avatar
    There isn't enough AP given each day as well as there isn't many ways to earn more.
    2024-04-08 10:30:34
  • avatar
    This game could be sooooo much better if yould earn more ap and gold :') 20aps even with watching ads and playing the mini games is just not enough
    2024-04-07 19:39:37
  • avatar
    A perfect and beautiful game. I love the story and characters.
    2024-04-06 12:03:07
  • avatar
    I really love the game, but receiving just 20 PA and $5 a day is so unmotivating, Maybe increase it to 100 PA and $50, to buy it is so expensive. Please do something so we can continue to play and play it more, maybe even change the expense of 2 PA to just 1 PA per action, Or put a fixed amount in the game to buy it like R$50 (
    2024-04-05 14:29:34
  • avatar
    The concept and build of the game is cool, at the beginning it's pretty good, but it quickly gets sour, characters always fit in one stereotype way too much, yet the worse one is probably the character we are playing, she's.more infuriating than anything else, also, the story doesn't really give us much of a choice if we want or not to do something that is completely optional. All in all it has potential and could do way better.
    2024-04-04 19:08:54