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Merge Duck 2: Idle RPG

Merge Duck 2: Idle RPG APK
Package ID: com.onemoregame.leagueofxenoduck
Latest Version: v1.33.1
Latest update: 2024-04-03 09:21:00
Requirements: Android
Category: Strategy
Size: 70.11 MB
Rating :4.5

Merge Duck 2: Idle RPG is a super fun and addictive app that lets you collect an army of adorable and mighty ducks! With hundreds of levels and different challenges, you'll have a blast building your team of rare and exotic ducks. The best part? Your duck warriors can fight automatically, even while you're offline. So go ahead and take a break, grab a cup of coffee, and let your ducks collect the spoils of war for you. With strategic upgrades and the ability to merge different superhero ducks, you can create a powerful force that can take over the world. Are you ready to lead your ducks to glory? The time is now!

Features of Merge Duck 2: Idle RPG:

❤️ Adorable Army of Mighty Ducks: Collect and merge a variety of rare and exotic ducks to create the ultimate duck army.

❤️ Super Simple Fun: Enjoy the game's easy and addictive gameplay while collecting glorious treasures and taking over the world.

❤️ Idle Gameplay: Your duck warriors can fight automatically, allowing you to collect profits even when you're offline.

❤️ Strategize: Increase production and battle abilities by choosing different upgrades and evolving your duck warriors. Enhance their abilities at the training camp.

❤️ Collect and Raise Ducks: Discover and raise 80 unique ducks, each with their own abilities. Use them to fight and grow your army.

❤️ Lord Island: Explore random dungeons, engage in turn-based combat, and experience the thrill of adventure. Defeat the black dragon and unlock endless treasures.


Merge Duck 2: Idle RPG offers a delightful and addictive gameplay experience where players can collect, merge, and raise an army of adorable ducks. With its simple yet strategic gameplay, the app provides fun for all ages. The idle gameplay feature allows you to continue earning rewards even when you're not playing, while the extensive variety of ducks and upgrades adds depth to the game. Dive into the exciting world of Merge Duck 2 and lead your ducks to glory and victory! Click the link below to download the app and start your duck-filled adventure now!


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