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Rush War: Army Commander

Rush War: Army Commander APK
Package ID: epic.war.edge.clash
Latest Version: v1.9
Latest update: 2024-04-03 09:21:06
Requirements: Android
Category: Puzzle
Size: 42.67 MB
Rating :4.4

Are you ready to relive your childhood and immerse yourself in epic battles? Rush War: Army Commander is the perfect game for all those who loved playing with toy soldiers. Build your army, upgrade your soldiers, and watch them attack the enemy base. With each level, you'll face different opponents and encounter new challenges. Capture the flag in enemy territory to complete the level, but be prepared to face hordes of enemies and destroy their towers. This game offers a wide range of upgrades, unique units, and the chance to drive large vehicles. Show off your strategic thinking and become an invincible commander in this exciting free game!

Features of Rush War: Army Commander:

- Numerous Upgrades: Improve your army's performance and recruit new soldiers to enhance your gameplay experience.

- Varied Enemies: Encounter different opponents with increasing difficulty levels, from demolishing buildings to conquering the enemy base.

- Unique Army Units: Customize your army with a wide range of toy soldiers, each with their own special abilities and weapons.

- Flag Capture Missions: Engage in challenging missions to capture the enemy's flag in their territory, requiring strategic planning and tactical skills.

- Drive Large Vehicles: Take command of powerful tanks and other vehicles to dominate the battlefield and crush your enemies.

- Engaging Graphics and User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy beautiful minimalist 3D graphics and easy controls that make the game highly immersive and enjoyable.


Become a formidable commander, utilizing your strategic thinking and decision-making skills to overcome challenges and conquer new territories. With its extensive upgrades, diverse enemies, unique army units, captivating flag capture missions, driving exhilarating vehicles, and visually pleasing graphics, Rush War: Army Commander offers an exceptional gaming experience. Take on epic battles and test your strength by downloading this exciting free game now!


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