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Rogue-Like: Evolution

Rogue-Like: Evolution APK
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Latest Version: v1.5
Latest update: 2024-04-02 09:38:32
Developer: Oni
Requirements: Android
Category: Casual
Size: 281.83 MB
Rating :4.3

Step into a whole new mutant world with Rogue-Like: Evolution! Set years after the iconic TV series, this game introduces a fresh face to the school - a student with an extraordinary immunity to mutant powers, including Rogue's! While the ultimate goal is to create a comprehensive dating sim with a captivating story, the beta version offers a sneak peek into the exciting possibilities. Get ready for an immersive experience as you navigate through thrilling adventures and unlock deeper connections with beloved characters from X-Men Evolution, and who knows, perhaps even some surprising additions from other sources! Get ready to evolve your gaming experience like never before!

Features of Rogue-Like: Evolution:

❤️ Unique storyline: Rogue-Like: Evolution offers a fresh perspective on the popular X-Men Evolution TV series by introducing a new character who is immune to mutant powers. This adds an exciting twist to the game and promises a unique gaming experience.

❤️ Immersive gameplay: With a fully formed dating sim and a captivating story mode, Rogue-Like: Evolution ensures hours of engaging gameplay. Explore intriguing relationships with different characters and uncover the secrets that lie within the mutant-filled universe.

❤️ Enhanced character roster: The game not only features beloved characters from the X-Men Evolution series but also introduces new additions that will keep players on their toes. With the possibility of characters adapted from other sources, this app offers a diverse and exciting cast to interact with.

❤️ Visual appeal: Rogue-Like: Evolution boasts stunning visuals that bring the mutant world to life. Immerse yourself in beautifully designed environments and enjoy eye-catching character designs that add to the overall gaming experience.

❤️ Beta sneak peek: Get a taste of the exciting content that the developers have planned for the full version. The beta version of this app allows you to experience some of the best features, giving you a sneak peek into what the game has to offer.

❤️ Immunity to mutant powers: As the new student in the mutant school, you possess the rare ability to be immune to other mutant powers, including Rogue's. This sets you apart from other characters and adds an element of intrigue and strategy to the gameplay.


Rogue-Like: Evolution is an extraordinary app that combines fan-favorite characters from X-Men Evolution with a fresh storyline and exciting gameplay. Dive into this immersive world filled with mutants, relationships, and mystery. With its stunning visuals and diverse character roster, this app promises an unforgettable gaming experience. Download now and embark on a thrilling adventure!


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