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Bricks vs Balls Breaker Mod

Bricks vs Balls Breaker Mod APK
Package ID: com.bricks.vs.balls.breaker
Latest Version: v1.8.3
Latest update: 2024-07-10 10:03:09
Developer: Bricks Ball Games
Requirements: Android
Category: Puzzle
Size: 28.10 MB
Tags: Casual Level
Rating :4.2

Bricks vs Balls Breaker Mod is an addictive and engaging game that combines the classic bricks breaker concept with a new twist. If you enjoy breaking bricks and crushing balls, then this app is for you! With its easy controls and no need for WiFi, you can play anytime, anywhere. The game offers a wide variety of balls and brick props, as well as hundreds of well-designed stages to challenge your highest score. The physics experience is also wonderful, giving you a satisfying feeling as you aim and bump the balls to cause damage to the bricks. Can you break all the bricks and reach the next stage? Download now for free and find out! It's a fun and relaxing way to exercise your brain.

Features of Bricks vs Balls Breaker Mod:

Addictive Bricks Breaker game: Engaging gameplay that will keep you hooked for hours.

Free to play: No need to pay to enjoy all the features and levels of the game.

Easy to control: Intuitive controls that make it simple to aim and shoot the balls.

Lots of balls and bricks props: Various power-ups and bonuses to enhance your gameplay.

Hundreds of well-designed brick stages: A wide variety of challenging levels to conquer.

Challenge your highest score: Compete with yourself and friends to achieve the highest score.


Bricks vs Balls Breaker Mod is the ultimate bricks breaker game that will provide you with endless fun. With its addictive gameplay, easy controls, and a wide range of stages, this game is perfect for both casual players and dedicated gamers. Download now and experience the thrill of breaking bricks with balls!


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Bricks vs Balls Breaker Mod  Screenshot 2
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  • avatar
    it used to be fun, but now im at lvl 400. level needs that many tries, ads keep pop after 3 tries. there used to be only 5s skipable ads (which is fine) but now there is 20s unskipable ads that make me wanna close the game right away
    2024-07-14 12:22:05
  • avatar
    Fun break bricks game. I really like that watching an ad after each game is optional and gives decent rewards! I can watch some when I have time and just play a few levels quickly if I dont. I also like the look of the wire frame bricks.
    2024-07-14 12:00:57
  • avatar
    Upto some levels the ads will have an option to close after 5 seconds but after 135 level we were forced to watch the whole ad that's what to be rectified and the tricks and techniques cannot be found in any other game of this type which made me play upto 152 level and then this happened
    2024-07-14 06:07:02
  • avatar
    Great game if you have some time to waste. The ads aren't very intrusive and the levels aren't too easy or difficult. I have passed almost every level without using a power up. They have multiple things like spin the wheel or daily logins you can obtain gems and power ups
    2024-07-12 13:47:58
  • avatar
    I absolutely love this game. This is the 4th or 5th bricks breaker game, that I have downloaded and played. Bricks vs Balls is by far, my favorite. Perfectly balances and combines, geometry, angles of projections, and difficulty.
    2024-07-12 08:38:02
  • avatar
    No settings option. It would be nice to turn the sound off to the game, whilst maintaining the sound in your phone for music or whatever. Lost you 2 starts because that's a simple thing even a monkey could add to their game.
    2024-07-12 08:06:54