Games Action Bolsonaro: PT's Horror Mod

Bolsonaro: PT's Horror Mod

Bolsonaro: PT's Horror Mod APK
Package ID: com.SadCatGames.TerrorDoPT
Latest Version: v1.62
Latest update: 2024-07-10 09:38:03
Developer: Sad Cat Games
Requirements: Android
Category: Action
Size: 66.20 MB
Tags: Adventure
Rating :4.2

Step into a world of spine-chilling horror with Bolsonaro: PT's Horror Mod. In this pulse-pounding app, you take on the role of a left-wing activist who stumbles upon a staggering bribe of 30 reais to join the opposition. Little did you know, the notorious figure Jair Bolsonaro is hot on your trail, determined to prevent you from sinking Brazil further into corruption. Navigate through a labyrinthine maze of terror, hiding, running, and searching for survival. With every dark corner and eerie corridor, the intensity heightens as you try to outsmart Bolsonaro and escape the clutches of fear. Don't let your courage waver, for it may be the only thing that saves you from this haunting adventure. Prepare for a terrifying journey that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Can you survive the horrors that lie ahead?

Features of Bolsonaro: PT's Horror Mod:

⭐ Left-Wing Activist Role: Step into the shoes of a left-wing activist in search of promised money in a thrilling horror game.

⭐ Evade Bolsonaro: Navigate through a maze of terror and elude Jair Bolsonaro, who is relentless in his pursuit.

⭐ Hide, Run, Find: Use your wit and instincts to hide, run, and find a way to survive in this terrifying adventure.

⭐ Challenging Gameplay: Unlock the depths of the headquarters and fight against corruption to escape.

⭐ Spooky Adventure: Embark on a nerve-wracking journey through endless dark mazes that will leave you frightened.

⭐ Courage and Survival: Test your courage and survival skills as you unravel the mystery and find the elusive exit before the night ends.


Experience the thrill of facing your fears and outsmarting your pursuer in this chilling and gripping horror game, Bolsonaro: PT's Horror Mod. With its challenging gameplay, suspenseful atmosphere, and immersive storyline, this app promises an unforgettable and heart-pounding adventure for all horror enthusiasts. Embark on a terrifying journey and prove your courage and survival instincts. Download now and see if you can escape Bolsonaro's clutches!


Bolsonaro: PT's Horror Mod  Screenshot 1
Bolsonaro: PT's Horror Mod  Screenshot 2
Bolsonaro: PT's Horror Mod  Screenshot 3
Bolsonaro: PT's Horror Mod  Screenshot 4

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