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Latest Version: v1.05
Latest update: 2024-07-09 11:46:04
Developer: Battle Royale Io Games Casual
Requirements: Android
Category: Action
Size: 173.30 MB
Tags: War
Rating :4.0

Welcome to Dinosaur World Mod, the ultimate battle royale io game that takes you back to the prehistoric era of dinosaurs. Get ready for an adrenaline-packed experience as you enter a dinosaur simulator and unleash your inner monster dinosaur. Explore the realistic 3D models of a dinosaur city and embark on a rampage like no other. Your objective? Be the last angry monster dinosaur standing on the map. Play as a T-rex or choose from a variety of Jurassic warriors to dominate the dinosaur battle. Hunt down and devour other dinosaurs to grow in size, and show the world what a true Jurassic rampage looks like. With various unique items to collect and a thrilling ranking system, become the ultimate dinosaur king in this addictive battle royale game. Download now and reign supreme in the dino world!

Features of Dinosaur World Mod:

1) Realistic 3D Models: Immerse yourself in a world of realistic angry dinosaurs with detailed 3D models that bring the Jurassic era to life.

2) Battle Royale Mode: Experience the thrill of a battle royale game as you compete against other players to become the last monster dinosaur standing.

3) Dinosaur City Exploration: Explore a massive dinosaur city and run freely across the map, devouring everything in your path.

4) Diverse Dinosaurs: Choose from a variety of dinosaurs, including the mighty T-Rex, to fight and dominate the battlefield.

Tips for Users:

1) Choose Your Favorite Dinosaur: Select the monster dinosaur that suits your playstyle and unleash their unique abilities on the battlefield.

2) Eat Other Players: Grow your dinosaur by eating other players who are smaller than you. The bigger you become, the more you can eat.

3) Survive and Dominate: Use your survival skills to outlast other dinosaurs and become the ultimate dinosaur king.

Conclusion: Dinosaur World Mod offers an exhilarating dinosaur battle royale experience with its realistic 3D models and immersive gameplay. Explore the vast dinosaur city, choose your favorite dinosaur, and compete against other players to dominate the battlefield. With its addictive gameplay and unique features, is a must-play for fans of io games and dinosaur enthusiasts. Download now and embark on a thrilling rampage as you strive to become the last dinosaur standing. Don't forget to rate the game on the store and check out other io games from our collection. Join the dinosaur battle today!

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