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Package ID: com.koga3.teachersharem
Latest Version: v0.5
Latest update: 2024-07-09 10:34:04
Developer: TWizard
Requirements: Android
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Tags: Adventure
Rating :4.2

Step into the realm of Teacher’s Harem, where teaching reaches new heights! Congratulations on your role at Nymphdale, a prestigious all-girls school. Prepare for a unique educational journey where creativity reigns and norms are challenged. At Nymphdale, you set your own standards, fostering individuality and innovation beyond traditional confines. Educate and mentor a remarkable group of girls, guiding them to excel. With accommodations arranged, focus on shaping young minds. Join us on Monday for this unparalleled adventure in education. Teacher's Harem redefines the classroom experience, empowering you to make a lasting impact.

Features of Teacher’s Harem:

⭐ Freedom to set your own standards: As a teacher at our all-girls school in Nymphdale, you will have the unique opportunity to set your own standards and expectations. Unlike other schools, we do not require our teachers to follow the same rules, allowing you the freedom to create an educational environment that suits your teaching style and the needs of the students.

⭐ Residential accommodations provided: We understand the importance of providing a comfortable and convenient living situation for our teachers. That's why we have already made residential accommodations for you. This means you can focus on your role as an educator without worrying about finding housing in a new city.

⭐ Educate and look after a group of girls: As a teacher at our all-girls school, your role will go beyond traditional classroom teaching. You will have the opportunity to not only educate but also look after a group of girls. This includes guiding them through their academic journey, providing mentorship, and being a support system for their personal development.

⭐ Unique teaching environment: Teacher’s Harem offers a unique teaching environment that fosters a strong sense of sisterhood and empowerment. By teaching in this environment, you will have the chance to be part of a community that values and promotes gender equality, instilling confidence and self-assurance in the girls you teach.


⭐ What are the qualifications required for this teaching position?

To be considered for this teaching position, we require a valid teaching certification and relevant experience working with children or adolescents. A passion for empowering girls and promoting gender equality is also highly valued.

⭐ What can I expect from the residential accommodations provided?

The residential accommodations provided for our teachers are fully furnished and conveniently located near the school premises. You will have access to necessary amenities and a comfortable living space.

⭐ How can I establish my own standards and expectations as a teacher?

At the game, we encourage our teachers to take ownership of their classrooms. You will have the freedom to establish your own standards and expectations, ensuring a teaching environment that aligns with your teaching style and the needs of your students.


With the opportunity to set your own standards and expectations, residential accommodations already taken care of, and the chance to educate and look after a group of girls in a unique teaching environment, this teaching position is a dream come true for teachers passionate about empowering girls and promoting gender equality. Apply now and embark on an adventure of teaching, mentorship, and personal growth in the beautiful town of Nymphdale.


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