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Paper Bad Mod APK
Package ID: com.entity3.paperbad
Latest Version: v2.5.2
Latest update: 2024-07-09 09:20:04
Developer: Entity3
Requirements: Android
Category: Action
Size: 84.80 MB
Tags: Casual Simulation Level
Rating :4.3

Experience the ultimate catharsis with Paper Bad Mod, the app that lets you unleash your inner chaos! Embrace the thrill of destruction as you throw papers and watch them transform into agents of mayhem. Complete your delivery round while causing as much damage as possible, leaving a trail of chaos in your wake. Take aim and let the exhilaration sweep over you as you witness the satisfying demolition of objects. Get ready to indulge in the guilty pleasure of smashing stuff up, all from the convenience of your smartphone. It's time to let loose and let the chaos begin!

Features of Paper Bad Mod:

- Unique Gameplay Experience: it offers a refreshing and thrilling gameplay experience like no other. Instead of traditional delivery simulations, this game allows you to throw papers and smash things up to complete your delivery round. The innovative concept adds an element of excitement and unpredictability to the gameplay, making it a must-try for gaming enthusiasts.

- Destructive Fun: Get ready to unleash your destructive side! It lets you cause as much damage as possible while completing your delivery round. Smash windows, knock down objects, and create chaos in your path. The adrenaline rush from watching everything around you crumble and break will keep you hooked for hours.

- Challenging Levels: Each level presents a unique challenge that tests your accuracy and strategic thinking. With varying obstacles, targets, and structures, you'll need to carefully plan your throws to maximize your damage. From tricky angles to moving targets, this game will push your skills to the limit and keep you engaged throughout.

- Stunning Graphics: Immerse yourself in a visually stunning world with high-quality graphics. The meticulously designed environments, detailed objects, and realistic physics simulations take the gameplay experience to a whole new level. The captivating visuals not only enhance your enjoyment but also make the destructive impact feel incredibly satisfying.


- Can I customize my character or avatar in the game?

Unfortunately, it does not offer character customization options. However, the focus of the game is on the unique gameplay experience and destructive fun, which makes up for the absence of character customization.

- Is it suitable for all age groups?

While the game does not contain explicit violence or graphic content, it is recommended for players aged 12 and above due to the destructive nature of the gameplay. Parents or guardians should exercise discretion and assess the suitability of younger players.

- Are there any in-app purchases in it?

No, the game is completely free to download and play. There are no in-app purchases required to progress or unlock additional content. Enjoy the immersive experience without any hidden costs!


With its unique gameplay experience, destructive fun, challenging levels, and stunning graphics, Paper Bad Mod stands out as an exceptional gaming app. By allowing players to throw papers and smash objects, it offers a refreshing and exhilarating alternative to typical delivery simulations. The game's carefully designed levels, combined with its captivating visuals, provide an immersive and satisfying experience. Whether you're a casual gamer or a dedicated enthusiast, it is guaranteed to entertain, challenge, and keep you coming back for more. Download now and embark on an unforgettable journey full of chaos and destruction!


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