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Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape Mod

Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape Mod APK
Package ID: com.keplerians.evilnunmaze
Latest Version: v1.0.3
Latest update: 2024-07-08 11:14:05
Developer: Keplerians Horror Games
Requirements: Android
Category: Action
Size: 75.20 MB
Tags: Level Puzzle Strategy
Rating :4.3

Welcome to the world of Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape Mod, where you'll experience a fresh take on the Evil Nun universe. Ever wondered how the Nun became so wicked? This game takes you on a thrilling journey between the events of Evil Nun 2 and Evil Nun 1, putting you in the shoes of William Bismarck. Sister Madeline has transformed into a vengeful evil being, and it's up to you to escape her clutches. Prepare yourself to navigate through the treacherous mazes within the walls of Eagle's Junior High School, each floor offering a unique challenge as they're randomly generated. Collect coins along the way to enhance your skills and prove your mettle by conquering the most perplexing puzzles. Will you escape the evil nun's grasp?

Features of Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape Mod:

Unique Gaming Experience: it offers a brand new and distinct way to immerse yourself in the Evil Nun universe. Unlike its predecessors, this game delves into the untold story of how the Nun came to be such a terrifying character. You will step into the shoes of William Bismarch, a character who witnesses Sister Madeline's transformation into an evil being fueled by revenge. This fresh perspective adds depth to the game, making it a must-play for any fan of the Evil Nun series.

Endless Challenges: The game presents you with a series of mazes and puzzles set in the Eagle's Junior High School classes, where you must navigate through each floor to escape from the Evil Nun. The mazes are randomly generated, ensuring that each level is different and unique. This feature keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting, providing an endless array of challenges for players to tackle.

Skill Progression: As you complete mazes and overcome obstacles, you will earn coins that can be used to improve your skills. This progression system adds a layer of engagement to the game, as you constantly strive to increase your abilities and become more adept at escaping the Evil Nun's clutches. Use your coins wisely to unlock upgrades that will provide you with an advantage in your escape efforts.

Test Your Limits: it is not for the faint of heart. The game offers the most difficult mazes you can imagine, pushing your puzzle-solving skills to the edge. If you want a true test of your abilities, this is the game for you. See just how far you can go and prove that you have what it takes to outsmart the Evil Nun and triumph over her malevolent presence.

Tips for Users:

Keep an Eye Out: Pay attention to every detail in the mazes. Clues and hints may be hidden in plain sight, waiting to assist you in your escape.

Use Your Coins Wisely: Coins are a valuable resource in the game, so make sure to spend them on upgrades that suit your playstyle. Whether it's increased speed, better stealth, or heightened problem-solving abilities, choose upgrades that will aid you in your escape.

Plan Your Routes: The randomly generated mazes require careful planning and strategy. Take your time to study the layout and plan your routes to avoid dead ends and shortcuts that may lead you astray.


Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape Mod offers a captivating and unique gaming experience within the Evil Nun universe. With its untold story, endless challenges, skill progression, and the opportunity to push your limits, this game will keep players engrossed for hours on end. By navigating through the randomly generated mazes, collecting coins, and improving your skills, you will be able to outsmart the Evil Nun and complete your escape. Are you ready to take on the challenge and uncover the secrets behind the creation of the Evil Nun? Download Evil Nun Maze: Endless Escape Mod now and embark on an unforgettable journey.


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