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Alphabet: Room Maze Mod

Alphabet: Room Maze Mod APK
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Latest Version: v1.10
Latest update: 2024-07-08 10:32:04
Developer: Wemaster
Requirements: Android
Category: Puzzle
Size: 76.70 MB
Tags: Adventure Level War
Rating :4.0

Prepare for a thrilling adventure in Alphabet: Room Maze Mod! Uncover the secrets behind Fierce F, Amazing A, and Cool C in this captivating app. Navigate a treacherous maze to save alphabet lore letters from the dreaded F. Swipe between rooms, choosing those with smaller numbers to progress. Beware of monstrous foes and collect chests to level up and enhance your power. With stunning 3D graphics and addictive gameplay, this game will keep you hooked for hours. Challenge yourself, conquer all rooms, and face off against evil F to unlock the full Alphabet Story. Are you ready for the challenge?

Features of Alphabet: Room Maze Mod:

Engaging Storyline:

It offers a captivating storyline that delves into the origins and backgrounds of characters like Fierce F, Amazing A, and Cool C. Dive deep into this evil world and uncover the secrets behind these intriguing alphabet characters. Immerse yourself in the Alphabet Bad version and discover a different side of the alphabet lore.

Unique Gameplay:

This game presents a unique twist on maze challenges. Players must navigate through various rooms by swiping to move between them. The objective is to choose rooms with smaller numbers while avoiding those with monsters bigger than your level. This adds an extra layer of strategy to the gameplay, making it both challenging and exciting.

Beautiful 3D Graphics:

One of the standout features is its stunning 3D graphics. The game boasts visually appealing and immersive environments, bringing the Alphabet Lord world to life. Explore beautifully designed rooms and encounter various monsters, all rendered in exquisite detail.

Addictive Experience:

The combination of its engaging storyline, unique gameplay mechanics, and beautiful graphics creates an addictive gaming experience. It will keep players hooked for hours, as they strive to beat the last monster in the maze and progress further in the game. Prepare to be engrossed in a world of alphabet challenges and addictive fun.

Tips for Users:

Plan your Moves:

To successfully navigate through the Alphabet Room Maze, it's essential to plan your moves carefully. Analyze the numbers on each room and choose wisely to ensure you're progressing towards your goal. Avoid rooms with intimidating monsters and opt for ones with smaller numbers to increase your chances of survival.

Collect and Level Up:

Throughout your journey, be on the lookout for chests scattered across the maze. These chests contain valuable items that can help you level up and become stronger. Collect as many chests as possible to boost your power and increase your chances of defeating the final monster.

Stay Alert and Strategize:

The Alphabet Room Maze is filled with dangerous alphabet monsters lurking in every corner. Stay alert and observe their levels before entering a room. Remember, the key to success lies in choosing rooms with smaller monsters. Devise a smart strategy that allows you to dodge the higher-level monsters and progress through the maze effectively.


Alphabet: Room Maze Mod offers an enchanting blend of an engaging storyline, unique gameplay mechanics, stunning graphics, and an addictive experience. This game takes players on a thrilling journey to uncover the secrets behind the alphabet lore while navigating through challenging mazes filled with dangerous monsters. Plan your moves, collect chests to level up, and strategize your path through the maze to emerge victoriously. Get ready to immerse yourself in the Alphabet Lord world and overcome the challenges that await. Download Alphabet Lord - Room Maze now and showcase your skills in this captivating adventure.


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