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State Railroad: Train Game Mod

State Railroad: Train Game Mod APK
Package ID: state.railroad.train
Latest Version: v1.4.9
Latest update: 2024-07-08 10:15:06
Developer: Ararat Games
Requirements: Android
Category: Puzzle
Size: 115.50 MB
Tags: Level War Sport
Rating :4.0

Enter the fascinating world of State Railroad: Train Game Mod, the ultimate tycoon game for road enthusiasts! This dynamic and addictive strategy game challenges you to connect the dots on a map and build a sprawling railroad system that connects all the states. With easy controls and stunning visuals, you'll quickly find yourself immersed in this thrilling adventure. Start small in a humble city and watch as your railway company and the economy flourish. Upgrade your stations and expand your empire to unlock new territories. Can you become the master of this railway world? Connect, build, and conquer in the mod!

Features of State Railroad: Train Game Mod:

⭐ Dynamic and Fascinating Strategy Gameplay: it offers dynamic and fascinating road strategy gameplay. Players are tasked with connecting dots on the map to build a railroad and idle train station, creating a transportation system that spans across all the states. This engaging gameplay keeps players hooked and invested in expanding their empire.

⭐ Easy to Control: One of the attractive points is its easy controls. With a simple tap, players can connect dots by lines and build cities. This makes the game accessible to players of all skill levels, ensuring that anyone can enjoy the experience without feeling overwhelmed.

⭐ Beautiful Animation and Bright Territories: The game features beautiful animation and bright colours, adding to the visual appeal of the territories. Each state and station is visually distinct, creating a visually immersive gameplay experience. The vibrant visuals enhance the overall enjoyment of the game.

⭐ Tycoon Adventure: it offers an exciting tycoon adventure. Players can boost the economy of their starting city to make it grow fast, while also expanding their railway company. This tycoon element adds depth to the gameplay, allowing players to experience the thrill of building and managing their empire.

Tips for Users:

⭐ Take the Time to Plan: Before connecting the dots and building the railroad, take the time to plan your route. Strategically connecting the stations will allow for smoother transportation and more efficient gameplay. Consider factors such as distances between cities and potential obstacles to create the best railway system.

⭐ Invest in Station Upgrades: Upgrading the railway stations is crucial for the expansion of your empire. Longer trains can carry more cargo and passengers, increasing your profits and helping your company grow faster. Make sure to allocate resources towards station upgrades to maximize your potential.

⭐ Expand Carefully: While it may be tempting to connect as many states as possible, it is important to expand carefully. Focus on establishing a strong foundation in each state before moving on to the next. This ensures that you have a stable and profitable railway system in place before taking on new territories.


State Railroad: Train Game Mod is an enticing road strategy game that offers an exciting tycoon adventure. The easy controls, beautiful animation, and bright territories make for an engaging visual experience. By strategically connecting dots and upgrading stations, players can build a thriving railway empire. With careful planning and thoughtful expansion, players can take over the world one station at a time. Download State Railroad: Train Game now and embark on a journey to become the ultimate railroad tycoon.


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  • avatar
    I love the concept for the game, but 8 bucks for no ads for a game that takes an hour or two to "complete" is crazy (just turn your wi-fi off though). Also, it's quite difficult to actually select one of the stations to upgrade it, unless you're zoomed all the way in.
    2024-07-12 13:11:34
  • avatar
    Fun game, but it's super annoying to have to watch a video to upgrade a station all the time. If there was an option to upgrade for the video or pay it would be much better. Especially after paying to remove ads, I still have to watch them for upgrades. Enough to make me Uninstall
    2024-07-12 09:25:21
  • avatar
    So let me narrate my first 40 seconds in the game, I load in, I connect all three points, I wait 30ish seconds of nothing happening, I accidentally tap the ad on the bottom as I tap around trying to figure out what to do, it opens and I click back to go back to the game, it opens a full screen unskippable, it crashes, I Uninstalled.
    2024-07-12 03:30:02
  • avatar
    I recognized the same issue with the ads as others. It's understandable to havesome ads, but this is a bit overkill. Also, I noticed that it was diffficult to press on the train stations and whatnot. I typically have to press each one about seven times before it opens.
    2024-07-11 06:13:30
  • avatar
    I agree with others, it seems to be a retooled version of state connect. Overall not bad, except for the need to tap a station multiple times in order to upgrade it once. Would like to see a more streamlined look to the states & not having to tap the screen multiple times to upgrade the stations.
    2024-07-11 02:02:58
  • avatar
    This game seriously sucks. I tried playing once and it was fun. Up until the second time I played. Well. MY PROGRESS WAS WIPED! I only had 4 keys which wasn't even enough to get Alaska. And when I reinstalled the game. I had to start. ALL THE WAY BACK to Washington. Although I haven't seen the add problem once. Overall. Terrible game.
    2024-07-10 11:35:16