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NTR’d by Clumsiness

NTR’d by Clumsiness APK
Package ID: com.hangovercatpurrroduction.ntrdbyclumsiness
Latest Version: v0.1.0
Latest update: 2024-07-05 11:10:04
Developer: Hangover Cat
Requirements: Android
Category: Casual
Size: 92.71 MB
Tags: Level War
Rating :4.1

Introducing the NTR’d by Clumsiness game! In the aftermath of his friend and boss's passing, Chris extends a compassionate hand to Jeff, his late friend's son, by inviting him to stay at his house. Little does Chris know, he's about to unleash a whirlwind of chaos and mishaps into his unsuspecting wife's life. Jeff, it turns out, possesses a unique talent for clumsiness. From accidental spills to comical falls, every step he takes seems destined for disaster. Brace yourself for a hilarious tale of unexpected accidents and heartwarming moments as Chris and his wife navigate the unpredictable world of living with a master of clumsiness.

Features of NTR’d by Clumsiness:

⭐ Friend and Boss Connection: The app revolves around a compelling storyline involving the main character, Chris, and his late friend's son, Jeff. The connection between friendship and professional dynamics adds depth to the app's narrative.

⭐ Unexpected Quirk: The app introduces an intriguing twist by revealing that Jeff is unusually clumsy. This feature adds a comedic element to the story and piques users' curiosity to explore the consequences of Jeff's clumsiness.

⭐ Emotional Resonance: The recent death of Chris's friend and boss creates an emotional backdrop for the app. This feature allows users to engage with the characters on a deeper level, making the experience more immersive and compelling.

⭐ Family Dynamic: Chris's decision to invite Jeff to stay at his house highlights the theme of family bonds. This element adds an element of warmth to the storyline, making users feel connected to the characters and their relationships.

⭐ Transitional Phase: Jeff's transition to college serves as a pivotal moment in the app. The app explores the challenges and uncertainties faced by individuals during transitional phases, resonating with users who may relate to similar experiences.

⭐ Unexpected Outcomes: By mentioning the impending danger that Chris's wife may face due to Jeff's clumsiness, the app sets up a suspenseful scenario. Users are left wondering what will happen and are encouraged to download the app to find out the unexpected outcomes.


Immerse yourself in a captivating story that combines friendship, family, emotions, and unexpected twists. Experience the journey of Chris and Jeff as they navigate transitional phases, and discover the hilarious consequences of Jeff's clumsiness. Download NTR’d by Clumsiness now to delve into this engaging app and satisfy your curiosity!


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