Games Casual Djinn (Saga of the Gods Part Two)

Djinn (Saga of the Gods Part Two)

Djinn (Saga of the Gods Part Two) APK
Package ID: org.djinn1.the66
Latest Version: v1.07
Latest update: 2024-07-04 14:44:05
Developer: Nun Ya and Fallen Angel Productions
Requirements: Android
Category: Casual
Size: 219.80 MB
Tags: Adventure Puzzle Strategy
Rating :4.4

In Djinn (Saga of the Gods Part Two), embark on an enthralling journey alongside our protagonist, a regular high school student with a unique destiny. During a field trip to an Egyptian art museum, she catches the eye of the ancient goddess Bast. Feeling isolated and confined, Bast decides to bless the girl, binding her as a familiar. As forgotten gods' powers wane, this unexpected partnership offers an opportunity for escape and an uncertain future. Meanwhile, the MC's mother faces personal and professional challenges, leading to peril for the family. Navigate moral dilemmas in a narrative rich with mythology and danger, transforming each chapter into a gripping adventure.

Features of Djinn (Saga of the Gods Part Two):

- Unique Protagonist:

Unlike typical heroines, the MC in Djinn is a relatable high school student who finds herself in an extraordinary situation. Her remarkable attributes, coupled with her struggles and quest to save herself and her family, make her an endearing and empowering character.

- Fascinating Mythology:

Djinn brings the rich mythology of ancient Egypt to life. Through encounters with powerful gods and goddesses, players will learn about their existence and significance in the modern world. Uncover the secrets of the forgotten deities and aid them in regaining their lost powers.

- Captivating Narrative:

The game effortlessly weaves together the MC's personal challenges, family troubles, and mythological elements into a gripping narrative. Witness the evolution of friendships, love, and sacrifice as you delve deeper into a world where mortals and immortals collide.

- Strategic Gameplay:

While Djinn presents an intriguing story, it also offers a strategic gaming experience. Players must carefully choose allies, solve puzzles, and make tough decisions to progress in the game. Utilize the unique abilities bestowed upon the MC by the goddess Bast to overcome obstacles and outsmart your enemies.

Tips for Users:

- Exploit Goddess Bast's Blessing:

Make the most of the powers granted by the goddess Bast. Each ability possesses unique benefits, so experiment and strategize to unleash their full potential at the right moment during battles and challenges.

- Build Alliances:

Forge alliances with other deities and mortal characters encountered along the way. Collaborating with powerful allies will aid you in difficult situations and unlock additional abilities, granting you an edge over your adversaries.

- Explore the World:

Don't rush through the game; take the time to explore the beautifully crafted world of Djinn. Seek hidden treasures, uncover ancient secrets, and interact with fascinating characters to enhance your gaming experience.


Djinn (Saga of the Gods Part Two) offers an enchanting mobile gaming experience that seamlessly blends mythology, strategy, and a captivating narrative. Discover the extraordinary powers within an ordinary protagonist as she embarks on a mission to save her family and awaken the forgotten gods. With its unique storyline, stunning visuals, and strategic gameplay, Djinn is a must-play for those seeking an immersive adventure that will keep them hooked until the very end.


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